A Secret Closet in West Kildonan

I grew up on a farm. Nobody retires, they die," she said, with a laugh. "I loved what I did. I didnt want to stop. Selling is in my DNA."Groshak is the face behind a new secret in the West Kildonan area a brand-new boutique that features local and Italian clothing, jewelry and accessories. Customers can be sure they will find something for all tastes at Virginias Secret Closet, at 1829 Main St.But dont mix up her stores name with the lingerie retailer at the malls. Her store specializes in womens clothing that is stylish and unique. The owner of seven closets has a natural eye for fashion. For each customer that comes inside, she offers her expertise and helps them pick a beautiful outfit and go their way happy with their purchase.Groshak started selling clothes and accessories at Winnipeg hospitals and slowly saw her business grow. Having a store was always on the back of her mind, but she was still unsure. Until one day, she found the right spot, found the courage, and started to plan out how she could go ahead with her dream. Shes been running the store since January, but held a grand opening on May 3 and 4 to get peoples attention."Ive always loved clothes, and I love fashion," said Groshak, who was born and raised in Oakburn, Man. "I love having to do customer service and making people happy. And these things make people happy for the most part. And when I saw this place, I thought Ive got to brighten up this street."Groshak said sales havent picked up yet but has loyal customers shes met at the hospitals who always come back and trust her taste. Groshak hopes that as the weather improves, more people will come in and explore her wide selection."I love when customers come. Im very happy when they come in," she added.Groshak has immense affection for each item of clothing she sells in her store she knows what each is made of, their care instructions, and how to wear and accessorize them."All the fabulous pieces I have. I have very good taste. People ask me How do you do it? Its just things you are born with," she said. "I love accessorizing and I love colours."Although she has hired some ladies to help, her to-do list keeps growing and growing between taking care of her mother, running her business and spending time with her children."I cant separate myself, because Im married to this place right now. Im here every day," said Groshak, who added she is inspired by strong women who are just retiring in their 90s.For more information, call Virginias Secret Closet at 204-955-7580.

A Secret Closet in West Kildonan 1

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