Christian Jewelry for Women

Although this Website is geared towards women, I do not mean to leave men out. There is also jewelry for men, but I am talking from a woman's point of view. Women love to wear jewelry. From the time we are little girls to the time when we are senior citizens; jewelry is an important part of a womans life. We relay to what we wear. Jewelry is the next most important thing we wear besides our clothing. It enhances a womans appearance in so many ways. is very precious jewelry to wear. It symbolizes our connection with God to a lot of us. Many necklaces and rings and other pieces of jewelry have a religious background to them. Newborn baby girls ears are pierced when they are just a few days old. Lots of times little crosses are inserted in these little earlobes. It is kind of our way of saying my baby girl belongs to Jesus. We also buy little crosses for her to wear. They may be stuck under her little blouse, but as moms we know they are there. We also put crosses on our sons. A lot of our sons also have one pierced ear and a lot of times a cross is the earring of choice for them too. Jewelry looks adorable on our infants. Little girls love their jewelry. How many times have they played dress up, and the next thing you know they are wearing your treasured pearls that your grandma gave you. Jewelry is so important to young girls also. There are very few girls that don't have their ears pierced. Many of them also wear crosses, necklaces and pendants. They also love bracelets too. Jewelry is starting to make an impact on them since they also see mommy and daddy wearing jewelry too. Now we come to our favorite generation... our teenagers. From preteens to young adults our young ladies love their jewelry. They also occasionally love their moms' jewelry too. How many times have they raided your jewelry box They may not want to wear your clothes at this age, but they always seem to find some of your jewelry that they just can't go without. At this age they are really starting to appreciate jewelry and will spend hours with their friends looking over the newest fads. They also love heart necklaces, crosses, earrings, and especially bracelets and rings at this age. Women love their jewelry. We wear our jewelry like it is a part of our body, from our wedding ring if we are married to our necklaces and earrings. I have known women who will pick out their jewelry first, then decide on what clothing to wear. We have to have all of our jewelry matching unless you are 90 years old, then you are allowed to mix it all up. We have jewelry for work, our fun jewelry for the weekends and evenings, and our treasured jewelry that has been handed down to us from generations past. Our most precious jewelry is usually jewelry that has meaning behind it like our Christian jewelry. When getting jewelry as a gift for any woman of any age you can always be rest assured that jewelry is a priceless gift to most women. For information on moreand what kind to buy, visit

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