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Coralie Charriol Paul Launches Her Fine Jewelry Lines for Charriol

Coralie Charriol Paul, Vice President and Creative Director of CHARRIOL, has been working for her family's business for twelve years, and designing the brand's international jewelry lines for the last eight years. Her jewelry collections finally became available in the United States last July.

"My inspiration comes from the life I lead, from my travels, from people I meet along the way," says Charriol Paul. "CHARRIOL has a heritage which is inspired by the Celts. I'm also inspired by the connection that jewelry can create between people. It brings people together. Women love to share stories about how they got, and why they bought jewelry. Every piece has a story, and usually represents a special moment in a woman's or a girl's life."

"I love using trends and incorporating them into my designs," Charriol Paul continues. "Right now it's all about stacking and collecting. I call it banglemania. The designs are made with nautical cable specially crafted and treated in Switzerland. It never tarnishes. It is industrial chic, classic yet

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The nautical cable has been a staple of the CHARRIOL brand from the beginning.

"My father, Philippe Charriol, created the brand roughly thirty-five years ago following a fifteen year stint as the president of Cartier in Asia and North America," says Charriol Paul. "He is a unique man, a bon vivant who loves adventure. He pioneered the use of cable (made of stainless steel), and he used it on all his watches, jewelry, eye wear, pens and belts to give the products their undeniable identity. This cable sets us apart from all the other brands, giving us a unique signature look."

CHARRIOL has a 'fine jewelry' name, though many of its products are considered 'fashion'.

"Because of this we balance or straddle the middle of the market and are able to offer a very competitive price for a top line branded product," says Charriol Paul.

Price points for the watches range between $1000 and $5000, using diamonds or no diamonds. Jewelry falls between $250-$700 for the silver and steel lines.

"In the watch category our placement in the stores is generally next to Baume et Mercer, Movado, Rado, Longines, Fendi and Dior. In the jewelry category I would compare us to the Tiffany brand," says Charriol Paul.

CHARRIOL's sales are concentrated between Asia, the Middle East and America, with over seventy free standing boutiques and 3,000 point of sale locations worldwide.

"We have had e-commerce for several years and are looking to build that up," says Charriol Paul. "It varies from country to country, but generally speaking we hover roughly at an 80-20 split in our watches to jewelry sales. We sell more women's products than men's. Our best-selling item is the Saint Tropez Watch. My father was inspired to design it because he is from the south of France. It represents a fun, feminine, French woman. It is a bangle watch, and it comes with a detachable chain. Our best selling jewelry pieces are the Celtic and Forever Collections."

Charriol Paul hopes the brand will expand into top department stores in the next five years.

"We are striving to be carried by Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks,"she says.

Coralie Charriol Paul Launches Her Fine Jewelry Lines for Charriol 1

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