Creating Fashionable Homemade Jewelry

Yes, it is simple and pleasurable to make fashionable homemade jewelry. Take a look at what your friends and celebrities are wearing to figure out what is hot, and then put your own twist on it! For instance, if you see your friend is wearing a cute necklace with a heart pendant, you can use this as inspiration. Around Valentine's Day heart pendants are an endearing way to so you care, so an attentive boyfriend or husband could even make such a cute piece of jewelry for the love of your life. Designing a necklace with a heart pendant is much more affordable than buying an overpriced diamond, and your lady will adore you for the heart and thought you put into this piece. Okay, so I do not buy into the mindset that beautiful jewelry must be diamond and purchased for over a thousand dollars, but if you wife or girlfriend expects something more extravagant, then this tutorial for making your lady love a necklace might land you in the doghouse for Valentine's Day. If you know your lady love appreciates handmade things, and you realize in this economy people should watch their money and use creativity to make something from the heart then making your wife, girlfriend, or just a special lady friend a necklace is definitely the way to go.

Measure out how much beading wire you would like for your necklace, but might I suggest using at least twenty inches. Slip the heart pendant on the center of the beading wire and you will soon be ready to move on to the next step. I would recommend finding a swirly multi-colored glass pendant as these are much more visually interesting than heart pendants of a solid color.

This heart shaped inspired necklace with have a pattern of one fake acrylic pearl, one pink seed bead, which will be repeated up both sides of the necklace. Creating your own homemade jewelry is a very personal thing, so tailor the pattern of the necklace you are making to suit your own taste. Feel bold to create something way out there, and even wear it if you like!

Using beads that are not uniform in shape gives your necklace character and whimsy. Anyone can be a massed produced necklace with all the beads being the same shape, but do you really want that out of a handmade necklace. Be bold and use fake acrylic pearl beads that are not all of uniform shapes and sizes.

Use the jewelry pliers to attach the clasp to the necklace. This can be done by lopping the beading wire through each side of the clasp, and then pulling taut with the pliers. Once the clasp is attached you are ready to wear you necklace, or to give it to your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's Day. Handmade heart shaped necklaces also make great birthday presents, so keep this jewelry making tutorial in mind for future reference.

Creating Fashionable Homemade Jewelry 1

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