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Creative & Romantic Way to Give My Girlfriend Her

Can you fix it so the monkey is holding the ox with the earrings in them--or even wearing the earrings?You could also resent the resent with a romantic oem that you've found or written. Or attach a silk oinsettia to the wraing. Or sing her a Christmas song that she likes.Merry Christmas!

Creative & Romantic Way to Give My Girlfriend Her 1

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CHristians who want a ilical marriage as defined y government...?ilical marriages are not defined y governments. I love it when eole read old testament Jewish tradition from thousand of years ago and thinks it alies to modern Jews let alone Christians. If your talking aout St. Paul'sletter you took that out of context too so you are no theologian either. Too little information is a dangerous thing.


Why do we celebrate

The Christmas tree stems from pagan tradition and ritual surrounding the Winter Solstice, which included the use of holly boughs ivy and other foliage as an adaptation of pagan tree worship. Holly and ivy represented male and female. Mistletoe was considered a sacred plant, and the custom of kissing under the mistletoe began as a fertility ritual - all PAGAN!!.


How to identify main subject of the photo and set focus?

Use higher f-stop, and possibly higher iso.

For example, try f8 with iso of 400.

Take a multiply number of shots to improve your ability to get a shot in focus. "The subject is not in focus" is a standard response for everything wrong with a shot, including they do not like the image subject. Take more interesting photos.


Creative & Romantic Way to Give My Girlfriend Her 2

Whatever happened to Elvis Presley's Federal badge?

He loved collecting badges, but that was always his favorite, as he thought it'd protect him against gun or drug charges. He died with it on his person, and it's now in a display at Graceland. I can't find any evidence of him actually using it, though he did show it to audiences at his concerts.


given 20 diff jewelry, wear 5 per day. proof that after 267 days at least one pair of jewelry would be wear in 15 diff days.

For each day, $binom5210$ of the $binom202190$ possible pairs of jewels will be worn. Over $267$ days, this makes $2670$ pairs worn, but $frac267019014.05ldots>14$. This means that at least one pair must have been worn at least $15$ times.

The holes are the possible pairings of jewels and the pigeons are the pairs actually worn together on some day


An Elephant Pendant or a Snake Ring?

Are you a guy or girl? I'm assuming from your name "Polly" that you're a girl, so I'd say get the elephant pendant. But if you're a guy, I'd get the snake ring.

Oh, but it might be helpful if you put pictures up of the necklace and ring.


How to know whether your child is being bullied?

StopBullying.gov lists the following warning signs, although they caution not every child exhibits symptoms:Of course, a lot of those symptoms have other causes than bullying. It's helpful to cultivate an open and honest relationship, starting well before you need it. Kids will keep things like this from you if they are afraid you will overreact.


Do hostage situation procedures allow for a heist like this? closed

The weak points in your story are:Possible mitigation: Group two is wearing masks and noticeable dresses (i.e. white hoods). Hostages are constantly split into different groups and moved between room. Only once group one is gathered together and "stuffed".

Then (part of) group two swap clothes with real hostages and attempt exiting the place


Piercings! When is a piece of jewelry acceptable in God's eyes...?

piercings are not ok. and neither are tats or scarrification. you really ought to consult the bible specifically for this answer because a LOT of people out there will tell you certain things are ok when the Bible expressly records them as against God. That is not to say that you will be damned to hell for bodily adornments


How to harden a plant for use in jewelry?

I think Verathane whch is a spray polyurethane would work very well. One company that makes it is Rustoleum and it can be found in any paint or hardware store. I would get the gloss for whatever your preserving to be shiny or at least the semi-gloss. Its just a few dollars and comes in a spray can


Finance metaphors for relationships closed

Does jewelry count?

appearance: golden hair, sapphire/emerald eyes, ruby lips

character: he/she is a rare gem/find, a diamond in the rough

relationship: their love appreciated/depreciatedOne date and he was sold.You could probably be clever with some phrases from this glossary of financial terms, e.g. Baby bond, Backdating, Big uglies, marketing one's looks...


How to use Different units for Magento

There seems to be an extension called Product Units and Quantitieshttps://www.aitoc.com/en/magentomods_units_and_quantities.htmlWith it you can make predefined qty selections as drop-down menu so you can allow customers to order for example 25kg or 50kg of certain product and the amount is then deducted from the stock qty of the product


Are there specific names for forehead jewelry?

I'm not aware of any generic English term for this type of jewelry. Such jewelry is not a common element of any English-speaking culture's fashion.The items in your photos appear to be maang tika, but this is not an English name and chances are not a name that most English speakers will be familiar with.


What does Schmuck mean in German?

Schmuck is a Yiddish (mix of High German and other tongues such as Slavic and Hebrew) word that is a pejorative which can mean idiot but more commonly it is calling someone "the male genitalia" when I was growing up on the Lower East Side of NYC. While not Jewish myself, many caught on to the use of Yiddish


Help with nose piercing?!?

in all possibility a nostril piercing because of the fact the place I stay abdomen button piercings are truly hardship-loose and nostril piercings look large (i'm conversing with regard to the ingredient of your nostril in case you recommend the interior then abdomen button because of the fact the interior piercings make you look like a bull)


How to protect yourself better against knife-crime in London?

To avoid knife crime in London, don't join or associate with a gang, particularly one that deals in drugs. I live in Ilford, East London, an area that is getting an unfortunate reputation as Britain's capital of knife murders. I am not in the slightest worried about being knifed.

At least our country is still generally gun-free


How to remove remnants of a capacitor pin?

I have successfully used another method - a jewelry drill. It has to have a bit the same size as the leg, and you must be careful to get it centered and straight through the hole, but it works wonders when everything else fails. I replaced a dozen bad caps on a motherboard this way and it works great now.


ESO basic game: what are the regions I can't access?

A fully correct answer depends on when you bought the game.For example, if you bought the base game after the Summerset release in May 2018, then these are the zones you would have to purchase as Crown Store DLC:You can find out which zones are separate purchases by going to the Crown Store and looking at the DLC


Powering an LED with a Thermoelectric Generator

Here is some interesting data from a 30mm RC12-2.5 module. (One of the few that actually publishes the numbers.)Note the 8mW output at body temps.. You would need closer to 20mW to light up an LED. The optimum voltage produced is also far too small.Unfortunately, peltiers are much less efficient at generation than they are at cooling


Word or phrase for a woman who shows up at events in gaudy outfits, garish make-up, and excessive jewelry?

Probably flashy may fit your description: ( from TFD)also the expression bling-bling may fit the context:(Noun) ostentatious jewellery.Bling (or bling-bling) is a slang term popularized in hip hop culture, referring to flashy, ostentatious or elaborate jewelry and ornamented accessories that are carried, worn or installed, such as cell phones or tooth caps.A woman wearing bling-bling jewelry


Anyone tried to bond merchandise in Qatar airport?

What I know for sure,Make sure,For more details read this Security and Custom @ Doha AirportMy suggestion,Carrying highly valuable items during travel is always risky. That too when you are traveling to a unknown country. try to minimize the risk by keeping all paperwork needed and follow the rules and law of that specific country.

Hope this helps.


What does this piece of jewelry say?

The 3 letters on the back are one of G-d's 72 names derived from Shemot 14:19-21. See here.You can find websites online that connect each of the 72 names to different things, but I have no idea if that is authentic Kabbala or new-age mumbo jumbo.This was discussed somewhere else on this site, but I can't find it right now.


Can the 'wild' modifier be applied to non-armor items, such as enchanted cloaks or jewelry?

What you're looking for is the Wilding Clasp (MiC 190).It costs 4,000 gp, and can be attached to any piece of gear. A piece of gear so attached doesn't transform when you wild shape. You can have as many Wilding Clasps as you can afford, there's no limit to the number of pieces of gear you can keep


Can someone identify these Thailand/Siamese characters for me?

They look like the Thai dancers you see at performances and

The elephants are still common over there .

They are even used for logging in the forests .

When you get a chance , spend a few days in Bangkok then

spend like a couple of weeks around Krabi ( east of Phuket ) .

Fabulous country , my favorite .



How do I get an engagement ring past security/customs in an airport without alerting my significant other?

I actually did this over a fairly large journey (UK to NZ) and had absolutely no problems. It was in my carry on alongside my laptop - this was a mistake as everytime I took my laptop out I'd have a panic about the ring falling out. If it's inside your carry on it's unlikely to cause any issues.


What does The beginning came long after the end mean in George R.R. Martin's Dying of the Light?

The beginning is the beginning of the chain of events related in the novel Dying of the Light.The end is the end of the relationship with the woman he gave the whisperjewel to.To me, it's not clear at all whether Martin intends you to understand this passage completely at this point in the novel.


What tool is a solid metal cube with dimples or half spheres on every side?

Die for creating sheetmetal hemispheres. There should be a set of punches with round ball ends somewhere in that mix, unless someone misused them for something else or lost them.Doming Block and Punch Set is one term for the tool set. The die is also called a dapping block. You can find them at jewelry tool suppliers.


How can my tiny fey (custom race) PC avoid drowning in her potion of healing?

The potion could be sized according to the size of the creature using it and you could say something along the lines of bigger creatures needing more potion because they have more blood to dilute it. So instead of having a normal-sized portion of healing potion it could be scaled down to fit your fairy character


Skill checks for Magic Item Creation

The 10 % discount applies when creating and designing a new magic item that requires ranks in a particular skill or ability to use.Many factors must be considered when determining the price of new magic items.That is, if you were to create a Ring of sustenance that only sustains (say) jewelers, then it would be cheaper.


How do you melt gold jewelry into pure gold?

You dont.Most jewellery is not made of pure gold, but of gold alloys. If you just melt it you will find yourself with a bar or button of a gold alloy (a mix of gold and several other metals).First you must refine the gold by chemical means, separating the gold from the other metals.


How do I ask who has done the most number of things properly

Numbers can be great, large or high. So, speaking of numbers, you can use 'greatest' as the superlative form:Who has done it (that thing or trick) the greatest number of times?If you mean a physical handmade thing (like a piece of jewelry):Who has made/produced the greatest number of copies of that thing?


Hobby vs. baby balance

Congratulations! There's a lot of detail missing from your post so I'm going to make some assumptions, based on your wife's request:My wife was counting the minutes till I got back from work, so if you are already away 1 night a week for work then it's a big ask to get another night away right now.Solutions


Can I ask a company what I should wear to an interview?

You can wear formal like black or cream pant with white full sleeve shirt with lining or and blazer and tie if you fill comfort . And you also can ask company for the dress code of interview.Asking does not mean that the person is dumb.

.. it shows that person is well aware to make comfortable his self with company environment

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