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Find Out the Benefits of Creating Your Own Custom Jewelry and Matrix 3D, the Latest Jewelry Software

Today, jewelers can accomplish great details on custom pieces by using a CAD technology. When we first decided to include Matrix in our store, the 3D jewelry software, we went through months of training, weeks of frustration and sleepless hours struggling with this new process. Six years later, We can confidently say we have mastered it. We now do all custom jewelry on the Matrix 3D jewelry software. We love it - why? Because the possibilities are endless and our customers enjoy being part of the process of designing their unique jewelry piece.

Benefit #1: Anything goes as far as design concepts, bring in pictures or sketches, make combinations of several engagement ring designs or pendants, throw in your own creative ideas (but always be prepared to receive expert advice).

Benefit #2: The jeweler working with the 3D Matrix software has an advantage, he can design anything you may imagine, and you can see the design 3D on the screen from various angles. The design can be forwarded to you by email as well which can save you time in your busy schedule. You can make revisions and changes to your piece while in store or via email until you are fully satisfied with the look. Going through this process is fun and once the piece is complete, you will feel your own signature on it.

Benefit #3: Working with CAD jewelry software, jewelers save time and money and these savings are passed down to the customer. While the greater value is on the uniqueness of the piece, still the price will be reasonable. Many think custom jewelry would cost much much more, but this is not necessarily so. True there is labor involved, then again ready made jewelry includes labor costs as well. The jeweler working on a custom piece might also obtain better deals on stones and once again pass down these savings to you. Overall, a custom piece might be a little bit higher in price but it should be a fair market price and in the end you'd be getting a better value. It's unique, the stones will be greater quality and you'll enjoy the experience of designing your own jewelry.

Benefit #4: You can bring old jewelry, unwanted or outdated, perhaps you just inherited jewelry from a great aunt but the style just doesn't fit your personality and isn't very trendy. You can use the gold and the stones from the old piece and create a new one that will better fit your style. Trading the old gold and using existing stones will save you money. You can consider your custom piece not only unique but also "green" having recycled the materials.

Benefit #5: You will get compliments left and right and know that no one else will have an engagement ring like yours, or a pendant designed quite like the one you'll cherish.

Your custom piece will be one of those jewelry pieces you'll want to pass down from generation to generation - and maybe one day, your great grand daughter will recycle your jewelry for a more trendy piece and seek out an exert custom jewelry designer!

1. Possibilities 2. Convenience 3. Better value 4. Helping environment by recycling 5. Compliments I would consider these five benefits when shopping for a diamond jewelry piece, especially if you're shopping for an engagement ring. I mean if you're going to pay so much for a diamond ring you might as well have a one-of-kind on your finger, right?

Most our in store sales are custom order when it comes to engagement rings. But our most recent custom order request came from a customer who walked in wanting a necklace exactly the same as a celebrity chef on the cooking channel - well - we turned on our 3D Matrix jewelry software and created it for her. Jewelers who use the old techniques and combine with the new industry technology can satisfy any request. So why not create your own jewelry line? Take your ideas, old jewelry and gold and get creative!

Find Out the Benefits of Creating Your Own Custom Jewelry and Matrix 3D, the Latest Jewelry Software 1

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