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Piercing,need a Few Questions Answered.Help Please?

Piercing,need a few questions answered.Help please?

Piercing,need a Few Questions Answered.Help Please? 1

there are many types of metals. the usual component people are allergic to is a filler in the metal called nickel. anyway, go to bodyartforms.com and buy the jewelry there. whatever you do, do not use plastics or anything like that. nothing with black coating. these are not to be used on a fresh piercing as they are porous and cause a build up of bacteria, regardless of what after care method you choose. good jewelry=internally threaded. this means, when you take the ball off you can not see the threading the ball was screwed on to. "Industrial Strength", "Anatometal" are two very good companies to check out. look for jewelry made of titanium or 316LVM ASTM F-138 implant grade steel. you will not be allergic to these kinds. google could have come up with loads more information. happy researching. please research proper aftercare, multiple times. i read and used only one method and did not properly research and ended up with pretty my experiences before.


Can you be allergic to hypo-allergenic jewelry?

It is possible - my mother cannot wear "hypo-allergenic" earrings because she has similar problems. You might want to have the jewelry autoclaved just to be on the safe side. A tattoo and piercing shop may be willing to do this for you for a small fee. That way you get it sterile and can determine if you are actually having a reaction to the metal or just something that has gotten on the jewelry. Good luck!

Piercing,need a Few Questions Answered.Help Please? 2


what are my co-workers intentions?

really? you need a guy to tell you that a man buying you gifts of jewelry & giving you Valentine gifts sees you as more than just a friend & is trying to buy your affection. give the jewelry back & stop accepting gifts from this guy if you are not interested in a romantic relationship with him. every time you accept a gift from him, you tell him that you are interested in a relationship with him.


want to get my ears pierced...where should I get it done?

By the way, the gun does not pierce the ear.the jewelry does. I would recommend a body piercer though anyways. Piercings with the hollow needle are so much better and they heal faster and also do not cause scar tissue. I have done it both ways and I will never use the gun again.I so prefer the needle. Do not worry, all the needles and jewelry are always sterilized in tattoo parlors. So no worries there. Good luck in your choosing. (I still say go get it done with the needle though.) :)


im thinking and i need answer?

yes, you made the right choice, pawn the jewelry and give this some time, you will love and trust again. It's just that now you have learned not to trust blindly. gl


Should i change my belly button ring now or wait?

You need to wait four to six months before changing the jewelry. Over a year if it's a dangle or charm type piece of jewelry. Ideally, those should not be worn even in a fully healed navel piercing as they put unnecessary weight on the area. When you do decide to change it, go back to the person who pierced it and let them show you how to do it and autoclave a piece of jewelry for you. When you buy jewelry for it in the future, only purchase from suppliers who autoclave their jewelry and store them under sterile conditions. When they come to you metal pieces can be boiled and acrylic can be washed with hot water and soap. Never use jewelry cleaners, alcohol or any other harsh chemicals on the jewelry to disinfect as it can break down the integrity of the jewelry.


i need to clean jewelry, anyone know household items i can use to clean old necklaces and earrings?

If the jewelry is real metals and stones, except silver, you can use ammonia. It works great. Or you could use toothpaste, that works, but you gotta rinse it good. Do not use bleach or anything like that. But I think ammonia is what they use in jewelry cleaners/solutions. Lay the jewelry flat on a towel to dry

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