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Questions About Engagement Rings? (cut, Price, Carrots, Etc)?

Ok.... You can get a whole lot for 2 grand, trust me, I would know... Just got the erfect engagement ring for my (now) wife.There are a coule of c's in diamonds. Carat, cut, color, and clarity. Carat and clarity are the most imortant... Girls like a good sized rock, .5-.7 carats is a nice size.Good clarity is from VS1-SI3.

Questions About Engagement Rings? (cut, Price, Carrots, Etc)? 1

CUT. rincess is cheaer, ut round is rettier.Color. Good is E-G.Three.stone rings are oular and attractive.

Truthfully, she will love whatever you get her, ut if you want guidelines, there you go. Don't let jewelry eole ri you off tho, they have een known to do that.Good luck and congrats!

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Engagment ring with no udget?

Questions About Engagement Rings? (cut, Price, Carrots, Etc)? 2

OK, I just got married 2 weeks ago (engaged 3 yrs) and can tell you that the wedding is the ig ang. I sent my savings of 3K on hers and it is asolutely stunning, ut I wish we would have saved some for the wedding (instant lanning) hence the three years. Go to a local jewelry store (y yourself) and take a look. If you like it, I guarantee she will. She knows your oth in college and are on limited udget, and you don't want her to get ahold of the ill. I got oth of our wedding rings for 1200 ucks and they oth have diamonds in them, y the way congrats man, and the resentation is everything. Now go get a ring for 1000 and take her out for a night on the town!.


What do you think about having a gemstone in your engagement ring?

When people have non-diamond engagement rings, I think it's pretty cool, but IMO, the stone should be one with some significance--like his birthstone or the stone for the month you're getting married....

I do like both of the rings you linked, but neither as an engagement ring. The first one is def. a fun ring (not e-ring) and the second is also pretty, but doesn't seem e-ring-ish. You have to remember you'll need to get a wedding band to go along with that. The stones on those rings are huge which is what I think makes them look more like fun rings than e-rings. I do love big jewelery, though.

EDIT: I just looked at the links posted by Lydia, and she has some great suggestions.


What's your engagement ring look like? This is mine. It's my engagement/wedding ring. Tomorrow is actually my second anniversary of marriage. <3

If I find the actual picture of the ring I'll post again.

Edit: here is the photo of the ring from the store. Exact ring. I love a vintage look. but opted for this. I wanted something that had a little sparkle to it but wasn't real high off my finger. I like to work outdoors so something real big was out of the question. I like just about anything a normal 22 year old likes. BBQ-a simple salad. anything goes.


I'm proposing to my girlfriend and I want to know if this ring is good enough for her.?

It sounds like a magnificent ring. And you are very sweet to want to get her the very best. That alone is a good thing for a fiance (your gf) to have. :)

G color-grade diamonds are still pretty high on the scale. They're mid-range actually, but the quality is still very good. They're almost colorless and will only look slightly colored if you hold them up against a higher color-grade diamond. And even then, you'd have to be used to it in order to notice.

SI is a pretty good clarity grade too. It contains inclusions, but you'll only be able to see them under 10x magnification -- or superhero eyesight!

All the best on your upcoming proposal! :)


Which of the 4 C's is most important when choosing a diamond?

All of them equally. Cut is important because a well cut diamond will sparkle. Clarity because no matter how sparkly the diamond is you don't want to see a big mark. Color because no matter how sparkly and how clear diamonds can get down to a pee yellow color. The carat is important as well because a 1 carat diamond and a .50 carat diamond can cost the same if the 1 carat has a lot of blemishes. It really just matter on what your persoanl preference is. I would rather have a small diamond with a good color and no visable imperfections than a larger diamond that is yellowish or has large visable imperfections. Some people would rather just have one that is bigger though


my B/F gave me an engagement ring as a gift for

Don't be bummed. Maybe he isn't ready to pop the questions. He probably has NO idea that, that is the reason for the bummed look. And he probably has no idea that this is the ring you would have wanted for your engagement ring. But don't pressure him. At least he mentioned the word "engaged." He is probably thinking that he wants to get you a bigger and better ring for the day he asks you.

Make sure you tell him you love it and that you do appreciate it, because you don't want him thinking anything like that. But just be happy and the day will come if its meant to be!

PS: Congrats on the new bling!


What type of engagement ring did you get?

The best kind: FREE!

He gave me a family heirloom antique engagement ring made of white gold and had 15 diamonds (1 0.7ct in the center, surrounded by 14 small ones). I don't care for diamonds at all, and told him I'd like something with color like amethyst or opal, but an heirloom is so much more amazing (plus a lot kinder on the environment than any sort of new ring)! There's real history behind it!

I bought my husband a titanium engagement ring with a tension set sapphire, I let him choose. He loves it, although doesn't wear it as much now that he has a wedding band (same here...although I probably wear the engagement ring more often than he does).


What clarity, cut, carat weight, style, and metal is your engagement ring!?

Clarity - VS2

Cut - brilliant and good

Shape - round

Weight - center stone is 1.24 carats. I don't know what the total carat weight is.

Style - vintage style solitaire setting. It has a split shank with milligraining and 2 rows of micropave diamonds, 14 on each side for a total of 28 micropave diamonds. Also, on either side of the center stone are 3 small princess-shaped channel-set diamonds that form the geometric shape of a heart. So, it looks like 2 hearts are cradling the center stone. My hubby knows that I like hearts but didn't want a heart-shaped center stone.

Metal - 14 karat white gold

I appreciate the time my hubby took to select this ring for me. I love it!


which engagement rings do you life best?

I hate the first and last choices. Too gaudy. It's an overkill with the sparkles to the point of being ugly.

I don't like the 4th one that much either..

I think the center stone should be the main focus of attention on an engagement ring. All those sidekick diamonds seem like nonsense to me. At least when there's so many of em. Just one on each side would be ok.

I like the 2nd & 3rd ones. In the pic for the 2nd one, the band seems a bit too big for that size rock.. but who knows, maybe it looks better in real life. I like the 3rd one most of all. Even if heart shapes are a bit cheesy, I do like the look of that ring you chose.


Help is my engagement ring too small?

Just do what I did. Get an "upgrade". If you truly are wanting to impress all those other folks, then go to a jewelry store and get a ring that is real gold/white gold/platinum but a fake diamond. I'll tell you--99% of the real population cannot tell that it is a fake diamond and they'll think your ring is absolutely GORGEOUS and you must have spent thousands on it. And the truth is, they are normally between $100-$200! I just moved my original engagement ring over to my right hand and wear it as a promise ring.

That is, if you still want a bigger ring. If you truly ARE happy with your ring now (looks like you changed your mind), then good for you! Keep on showing off that ring!


How much did your Engagement/Wedding ring cost?

Color and Clarity is very much a personal choice. Some people are willing to down a little in color and clarity to buy a bigger stone.

Just make sure the stone at SI2 is eyeclean. For this you need to find a trusted diamond vendor. Otherwise you might end up with big black ugly carbon spots visible right in the centre of the table. Sometimes the inclusions can be hidden by a prong or part of the setting.

You and the vendor need to be on the same page when it comes to what you both call "Eyeclean".

This online Diamond Boutique has put their own definition of "Eyeclean" in black and white. You can find and eyeclean SI2, it will take just take a little patience.



Engagement downer: How to deal with her?

There is nothing you can do to control her behavior. You can only control how you react to her.

So the next time she copies you, just smile politely and ignore her. The next time she starts running her mouth about how great her hypothetical ring will be, smile politely and ignore her. The next time she says something about your ring, just smile politely and ignore her, or say, "Actually, we're very happy with the diamond we choose" and then change the subject. Eventually people around you will realize that she's full of spite and hot air, and will admire that you can be the bigger person.

Then avoid, avoid, avoid! Spend only as much time with her as politeness and common decency dictate.


help picking out the right engagement ring please?

If I had to choose between the two, I'd pick the second one, as there is just too much going on with the first.

I would also urge you to shop somewhere else than the chain jewelry stores. Do a little looking around for independent jewelers who can give you a better buy because they don't have to pay for outrageous mall space or corporate advertising.

Secondly, I'd urge you to spend more of your money on the main stone, and leave the side stones for the wedding band. Nothing is more beautiful than a solitaire that stands on its own, without lesser quality side stones distracting from it's beauty.


My Engagement ring is rated as VVS1 - but I see inclusions - HELP!?

Diamonds do not develop inclusions over time. The only thing that would change the look of it would be a chip or crack. I would have the diamond independently appraised asap to see if what you have matches up. If it does not, then you definitely have a case against the jeweler he purchased it from. Just keep in mind it is not uncommon for an appraisal to vary slightly depending on the appraiser. I would send it to the GIA to be graded, although this will cost you some money. Depending on your setting, it could also be a scratch on the setting itself that you see reflecting in the diamond but you won't know until a professional looks at it. Good luck!

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