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Should I Buy My Girlfriend a Diamond Ring As a Birthday Present?

should i buy my girlfriend a diamond ring as a birthday present?

Should I Buy My Girlfriend a Diamond Ring As a Birthday Present? 1

girls love jewelry so you are going for the right gift but if you are concerned it may send the wrong message go for a diamond necklace or diamond earrings


Does a diamond ring appreciate in value from the time it was purchased?

I assume you bought it Retail. You are presumeably going to sell it back to a Retailler who will want to make a profit so will offer as close to wholesale as he can. 4 years is not really long enough for the current retail price to have risen sufficiently to make wholesale higher than the original retail.

Should I Buy My Girlfriend a Diamond Ring As a Birthday Present? 2


Ladies please help. 3/4 diamond ring question.?

The difference between D and E is is not even noticeable, especially to the untrained eye. The same thing with VVS2 vs. VS1. The difference is not noticeable unless you take the stone under a microscope. I do not see how a slight difference in clarity would make a ring more "sentimental." I do not think you should go with the 0.92 one. If it's in the same price range as the other two stones, there's got to be something wrong with it. Maybe it has strong fluorescence, maybe the table is too big or too small, but there's got to be some flaw that you are not telling us about. Between your first two choices, I would go with the 0.66 carat. Size-wise it's about the same as the 0.70, and the ideal cut will make it sparkle like crazy. Cut is extremely important (make sure to check that it has great symmetry and polish).


In Diamond rings which of the 4 C's is most important to you.?

Smaller and more perfect. There's no way I would be able to wear a ring over 1/2 carat; my hands are delicate. My husband chose a lovely ring, a solitaire with shoulder stones, on a unique 14k yellow gold flat band. The matching wedding band has three of the smaller stones. Total was about a grand for both. Hopefully you are marrying a woman who will appreciate the symbolism of the ring, and that it's special because you are choosing it - not the cost of the ring.


What does it mean if a woman doesn't have a diamond ring?

If you were to ask me that personally I would counter with."What makes you think I do not have diamondS.(note, it's plural, dear & not just the white ones, either) among other precious and semi-precious gemstones? Just because you often see me with my plain gold band, or none at all if I am doing something messy? My plain band is a classic- like me." BTW I have several different bands, all gold or platinum settings( not plated either, dear).2 are 'fancy' diamond bands, one slim, one very blingy.a garnet & gold band, a peridot & white sapphire band, a fancy light blue sapphire band, two matching diamond eternity bands I wear alone or as ring guards, and a jade, peridot & white gold band along with my everyday plain polished band.and that does not count the gemstone solitaires I wear with them or the blingy cocktail rings I have-all real gemstones set in gold, heavy sterling, or platinum. In fact a few are real honkers such as the art deco step style setting- 1 ct canary oval with a frame of 2 cts of round and baguette white diamonds.and the mozambique garnet, 2.5 cts surrounded by 1 ct of round champagne diamonds. .and dems just the rings.don;t get me started on my necklaces, bracelets and earrings.or my collection of baltic amber. Does it sound like I settled? Just because I do not flash my bling most of the time.get my drift?you GO Boy. Keeping the Wifey in Sparklies. AW RIGHT.


Whats a good way too clean diamond rings at home?



Engagement ring is the three stone anniversary ring. What wedding band will look good. can't find one! Help!!?

If you can not find one, have one designed. I have a three stone, 3 carat, emerald cut and opted for a double wedding band. In other words, the ring is encased by the platinum bands on top and bottom of the diamond ring.

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