There Is More to a Jewelry Store Than Jewelry

So you're thinking about opening a jewelry store. Have you given some thought to all of the elements that go into your plan? If you've only thought as far as the jewelry and the building, you're just getting started. There are literally hundreds of components that go into creating a successful, customer-friendly jewelry store.

The three most vital things to be considered are packaging, display options and security. If you aren't prepared for it, it is easy to get overwhelmed when faced with the task of assembling your store. Here are a few things to consider as you begin planning:

Packaging: You can have the finest diamonds in the world. But what is the customer going to carry them home in? The jewelry box is one of the most recognizable trademarks of the industry. And you're going to need a lot of them. Your best bet will be to buy wholesale jewelry boxes in the most common shapes and styles, so that you're prepared for anything.

If you are trying to establish your brand, you can have your wholesale jewelry boxes custom printed to fit your name and logo. You can also buy jewelry boxes in a wide variety of colors to fit the scheme of your business. A uniform line of wholesale jewelry boxes will go a long way towards building a professional image in the mind of your customers.

Display: Jewelry display cases are second only to a quality product when it comes to factors affecting a successful sale. Part of the attraction to a particular piece is the way it is presented. Choosing which jewelry display cases are right for your store will depend largely on the amount of room that you have to work with. If you have the room, it is always best to go with a setup that allows the customer to view all of the jewelry at the same level. Most mall stores have their jewelry display cases lined up in such a way.

If space is an issue, a vertical 360 jewelry display case is another attractive option. The 360 display case will conserve space, add depth to a room, and allow your jewelry to shine from all angles. You can even get L-shaped jewelry display cases to turn a corner when necessary. The most important thing is that you pick your display case based on the space you have available.

Security: One of the most important components of operating a successful jewelry store is an effective security system. And that starts with security cameras. A real or fake security camera can go a long way to deterring theft and burglary. Installing even a fake security camera sends a message to would-be criminals that their actions are being watched closely. If you can, a series of real security cameras is your best option. But you can also mix and match a few fake security cameras along with your real system. Just make sure the real security cameras are installed in the areas of most concern.

Of course in the jewelry industry, security goes beyond the cameras. It would also be a good idea to install a door entry chime to alert your staff when a customer enters the store. You can cover a greater range with your security cameras if they are behind a mirrored globe in the ceiling. It is hard to avoid a camera when you aren't sure which direction it is pointing. Jewelry store owners would also be well advised to install some sort of alarm system to deter after-hours theft.

All of this information is still just a starting point when it comes to setting up your store. But considering all of the variables up front will save you a lot of headaches down the line. For more information on the products discussed here, and for more jewelry store supplies, visit

There Is More to a Jewelry Store Than Jewelry 1

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