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Tips to Care for Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Jewelry ...

It is not necessary to lavishly spend in order to own elegant jewelry. Combined with silver sterling, cubic zirconia is one of the worlds precious as well as artistic jewelry. Nowadays, silver sterling cubic zirconia jewelry is available in all the styles that very well fit any trend and budget. Hence, every precious and dazzling thing requires proper care so that it could last for a lifetime.

When it comes to caring for your pretty dazzling things it is important to choose an approach that is safe for a particular jewelry type in order to keep them look radiant and new. Have a glance at some of the tips to maintain and care for your beloved ornaments so that they sparkle and shine for years to come.

Things that should be avoided:

Keep them away from lotions and oils The oils, lotions perfumes and sprays contain chemicals that are known to rob cubic zirconia's dazzle. It is recommended to take the jewelry off while using these products. Sweat and dirt are also known to have a tarnishing effect on jewelry.

Avoid Chemicals Certain chemical cleaning products have a dulling effect on the cubic zirconia, hence interaction of the jewelry with chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, and ammonia should be avoided.

Avoid corrosion The sterling silver can corrode when exposed to certain substances like household chemicals, chlorinated water, rubber, substances that contain sulfur, hairspray, and lotions.

Ways to clean the sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry:

Soap solution The solution of warm water and soap is one of the easiest ways to clean and give a new look to the sterling silver.

A solution of mild ammonia Combining warm water with mild ammonia, like dishwashing soap which is phosphate free is also an ideal way to clean the jewelry.

Baking soda solution If the soap solution does not work combine the baking soda with water.

A solution of lemon juice and olive oil Lemon juice is ideal for cleaning. Combining a half cup of lemon juice with a teaspoon of olive oil is one of the best options to clean the jewelry items.

A solution of baking soda and white vinegar In order to gently remove the heavy tarnishing, soak the jewelry in a solution of half a cup of white vinegar and two spoons of baking soda. In approximately 2-3 hours the tarnishing vanishes.

Buying and maintaining a piece of unique and elegant jewelry adds to its long life. It is important to store all the jewelry in a dry as well as an airtight place so that it lasts longer. Also, polishing the jewelry enhances the overall look of these dazzling sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry.

Tips to Care for Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Jewelry ... 1

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