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Union Diamond to Donate 15% of All Rose Gold Sales to the American Cancer Society.

Atlanta, GA, October 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Union Diamond, a leading

online diamond and jewelry purveyor, has announced that they will donate

15% of their October sales of Rose Gold jewelry to the American Cancer

Society in support of breast cancer awareness month.

With this new move, Union Diamond marks the beginning of their

philanthropic pursuits in support of women afflicted with breast cancer.

They are joining the fight against cancer with the hashtag of #GoPink

for October.

Union Diamond offers diamond and gemstone jewelry for men and

women. They are purveyors of jewelry in many styles, types, and prices.

The store also offers customization of jewelry at its website. Union

diamond offers multiple methods of payment to its customers and offers a

guarantee of superior quality. It complies with United Nations

resolutions and supports the Kimberley process.

The store was founded as a Wholesale Diamond Merchant on September

11, 2001. The company provides diamond and gemstone jewelry for men and

women. Its staff is comprised of certified gemologists trained at GIA.

The store has been recognized by MarketWatch as a trusted

online diamond seller and among the Best of

Web list released by Forbes magazine. The store has been

selling jewelry in distinct metals ever since its launch.

About Union Diamond:

Award winning jeweler Union Diamond offers one of the largest and

most diverse inventories of diamonds and diamond jewelry available. With

over 60,000 certified loose diamonds, Union Diamond has the beautiful

diamond you're looking for, in any shape or size, whether

you're looking to spend $300 or $3,000,000. Union Diamond's

knowledgeable diamond consultants will work tirelessly to find your

dream ring no matter your budget. So pay a visit to their award-winning

online showroom. You'll find it simple, clean, and easy to use

featuring beautiful jewelry from diamond engagement, wedding bands, and

wedding sets, to fashion jewelry for women and men featuring diamonds

and gemstones. Don't see what you're looking for? Give our

award winning custom design team a call. The sky's the limit when

you become your own designer.

Union Diamond is headquartered in the lobby level of the

prestigious Paces Summit building in the Historic Vinings section of

Atlanta where they welcome customers to visit their beautiful new

showroom. All diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of

America, European Gemological Laboratory, or the American Gem Society

and include a 30-day return policy. For more information please call

800-319-9155 or visit www.UnionDiamond.com.

Contact Information:

Union Diamond

Dominic Scott


Contact via Email


Read the full story here:

Union Diamond to Donate 15% of All Rose Gold Sales to the American Cancer Society. 1

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