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Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g 1
Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g 2
Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g 3
Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g 4
Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g 1
Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g 2
Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g 3
Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g 4

Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g

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Meetu Jewelry
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Product details of the alphabet bracelet

Product Specification

Place of Origin: Guangzhou

Item No.: MTSC7052

Brand Name: Meetu Jewelry

Product Information

Meetu jewelry alphabet bracelet is designed by professional designers who have researched a lot of design methods. The product guarantees superior quality, stable performance and long service life. This product is the fastest growing product in the market and is believed to gain a larger market share in the future.

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925 Sterling Silver Constellation Zodiac Pendant Charms

The sun is believed to move from one sign to the other every month; all round the year. 

According to the astrology, the zodiac sign of a person is based on the presence of sun in the specific sign. 

Hence, a person’s zodiac sign is based on the presence of moon in specific house at the time of his/her birth.

Every sign has certain characteristics, both positive as well as negative. 

However, not all the mentioned traits perfectly match an individual as the other planets in his chart can also influence his personality. 

People born on the first or the last day of any sign are known as cusp and share the traits of both the signs.


Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by a crab and is ruled by the moon.

Emotionality is the word that best describes individuals born under this sign. Both, Cancer men and women, are very loving and sympathetic by nature. 

However, they can turn very clingy and overly emotional at times. Cancerians are also legendarily moody.

Best compatible with: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Least compatible with: Sagittarius, Aquarius.

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Sterling silver is an alloyed metal, normally made of 92.5% pure silver and other metals.

Sterling silver is a popular metal because of its affordability and malleability, but it also tarnishes quickly because of its composition.

If you’re looking at a piece of jewelry that is darkened or appears dirty, then your silver has tarnished; but, there’s no need to neglect this piece or get rid of it!

Tarnish is simply the result of a chemical reaction with oxygen or sulfur particles in the air. Knowing what’s harmful to your jewelry is the best way to combat tarnish.

Here are some simple care and cleaning tips as below:


● Wear it often: your skin’s natural oils will help keep silver jewelry shiny.

 Remove during household chores: Like chlorinated water, perspiration, and rubber will accelerate corrosion and tarnish. It’s a good idea to remove before cleaning.

 Soap and water: Because of the gentleness of soap & water. Available to shower, remember to rinse off after using shower / shampoo.

 Finish with a polish: After you’ve given your jewelry a good cleaning, you can finish the process by using a polishing cloth that’s specifically for sterling silver.

 Keep in a cool, dark place: as mentioned earlier, sunlight, heat and moisture accelerate tarnishing. Be sure to keep your silver in a cool, dark place.

 Store pieces individually: storing your pieces separately prevents any chance of jewelry scratching or tangling with each other.


Storing sterling silver in the complimentary Meet U® gift pouch will help prevent tarnish.


Meetu Jewelry Alphabet Bracelet - 2.22g 7

Company Advantage

• Since the establishment in Meetu jewelry has been leading domestic and foreign market for many years and have won many honors in the industry.
• Based on the domestic market, our company is also actively exploring foreign markets.
• Meetu jewelry has a management team with modern operation idea. Meanwhile, we introduce a large number of R&D talents with rich experience and mature technology. All these provide a strong foundation for the manufacture of quality products.
Customers who need our products are welcomed to contact us for consultation.

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Since 2019, Meet U Jewelry were founded in Guangzhou, China, Jewelry manufacturing base. We are a jewelry enterprise integrating design, production and sale.



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