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Where to Buy Sterling Silver Spoons to Make Spoon Rings?

Sterling silver is a recious metal, so yes, you ARE going to ay quite a it of money for a soon made of it. You can try to find silverlate, ut I don't know if that will work as well. Or you can go to a awn sho. Or you can try to use steel, ut you'll have to use consideraly more force. The thing is, if you work with a recious material, you will have to send a lot on the starting items

Where to Buy Sterling Silver Spoons to Make Spoon Rings? 1

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What does it mean if a ring is latinum?

What you're talking aout is a tacky, chea Sterling Silver ring that someone tried to alm off as a more exensive version to ask more money for. Plantinum is hugely exensive on its own. However, ecause of the exensive eole use it as a coating and that coating is aout as thin as they can make it to save on costs and still call it latinum to make it sound like fine jewelry when it isn't. A coating, no matter what it is will eventually start to wear or chi off. The Sterling Silver under coatings is generally not a very good quality


Where to Buy Sterling Silver Spoons to Make Spoon Rings? 2

What is the silver ring around the hearts of link is Zelda Ocarina of time?

In order to do this, you need to obtain the golden gauntlets from Ganon's castle, and then leave the castle. When you cross the bridge, turn left and you will find a very large black stone (which now you can pick up.) Pick up this stone, and their will be an entrance to a great fairy's fountain. She will give them to you.

Basically, these rings will decrease the amount of damage you take by 1/2. For example, instead of taking away 1 heart when you get hit by one of those mad chicken things, it will take away only 1/2 of a heart. I hope i could help!


fake silver ring is bronze/brown :( how to fix it?

you need to take out the drain via unscrewing from below, you are going to be able to ought to rigidity the silver ring up via popping it gently from under neath with a flat blade screwdriver; and then purchase a small can of plumbers putty, roll a length between your palms equivalent to the diameter of the drain. Wrap it around the drain, slightly below the sliver ring and screw the ring down. eliminate extra putty and additionally you're finished. it particularly is a similar difficulty it extremely is executed while setting up a clean sink


Are rings made of sterling silver sizable?

i propose u custom made a gold ring if u intend to bypass the hoop down by using family. as u be responsive to, gold is lots greater advantageous than silver! maximum of gold desktops is nickle unfastened which some guy or woman are allergic to it. the gold ring may additionally tarnish, even with the undeniable fact that it final long than silver. u would desire to purchase platinum ring if u opt to maintain a pc with out tarnishing! i m a diamond jewelery producer from china. u r welcome to touch me if u have any questions approximately jewelery


What's the best place to get a sterling silver Toe Ring?

no remember if it truly is actual sterling silver, it won't turn her finger green. it ought to tarnish, however the tarnish would be on the metallic itself, and could be gray or black. And it could actual be polished, however some human beings like the tarnish ("antiquing") of sterling silver. a sturdy sterling silver ring to get is a CLADDAGH ring. they arrive from eire, and characterize "love, loyalty and friendship." they're given between pals, kinfolk and kinfolk, so it truly is great and significant without being only like an engagement ring. and that they in many situations are available in sterling silver


How much would it be to resize a sterling silver ring?

Take it to a jeweler. Make sure you choose a quality one. You get what you pay for with sizing. You will need to take it to a jeweler just to see if it can even be sized. If the band of a ring is really thin or if it's highly decorated sometimes they cannot be sized. The price will depend on what area you live in and how the jeweler will size it. If all else fails take it to 2 or 3 jewlers to make sure you are getting a competitive price


Where can I buy large silver rings for making purses and what would that be called?

I'm not sure about closed ones but you can use the jump rings for chainmail. They are cut but you can close them and they are pretty sturdy. I just placed an order from a site called. The ringlord. I'm almost sure that's the site name. Try google search with that name. They have a bunch of colors and sizes. You might even call them and ask about what you want. I wanted to try and make a wallet but I failed. I make keychain a and bracelets now.


My Gold Ring turned Silver? HELP!?

Try cleaning the ring as long as there is not a soft stone in the ring like an opal or an emerald if it is just 14kt or 18kt or even 10kt you should be able to let is sit in regular blue Windex for an hour and then rinse in warm water. Make sure the plug is in the sink you don't want to lose it. If this does not work take it to a jeweller to have it professionally cleaned. You may have changed your diet or have taken different medication, this also happens to some pregnant ladies. Thanks Paula K


Sterling Silver vs. 10k White Gold?

I really like Sterling silver. I have rings I wear for years they usually seem satisfactory. It will not tarnish if you happen to wear it. I do not intellect the scratches. I consider platinum is unsightly. It is a stupid seem. Platinum is robust IMO however unpleasant. Gold is high-quality, but IMO white gold is a soreness. You ought to rhodium plate it. I like the best way white gold looks without the plating it's a gentle gold colour rather of pure white, when you do not use the rhodium plating. Just be a little bit more careful with sterling don't do heavy cleaning whilst carrying and do not absorb a pool.


why does your skin turn green when you wear rings?

First of all, rings made from either gold or silver are NEVER 100% gold or silver. They are ALWAYS alloyed with other metals like nickle to add strength.

Look for lettering stamped into the metal on the inside surface. If you do not see 14k or 18k on the gold ring then the ring has either a low or no gold content. The silver rings should have a decimal value stamped on them of 0.875 or above. If not, they have a low or no silver content.

The green is from the base metals in the alloy reacting with your perspiration. A higher content silver or gold content should eliminate the green corrosion.


where do i find this silver heart ring?

Just buy it off the website you showed us.. Honestly it is not unique at all (not meaning its a bad gift but meaning it should not be hard to find) they sell rings just like that at target and walmart.. along with clair's but if your sick of running around.

. buy it off the website.

. PS You are a GREAT boyfriend to remember she liked the ring and making the effort to find it for her.. could you please explain this to my husband!! lol


Hair relaxer/neutraliser has turned my silver rings brown what do I do?

It sounds like it's oxidised the silver.. There's generally not much you can do if this is the case apart from polish them like crazy in hopes of lifting the tarnishing off a bit. However, it might not have actually permanently oxidised your ring, it's hard to know without knowing what's in the hair relaxer. I would recommend asking a jeweller about it, take a list of the chemicals in the relaxer with you. Chances are they could give your rings a really good polishing and make them sparkle like new again


Cleaning Silver Ring Found In Fire?

Water... the universal solvent and a toothbrush. Cleaning takes T.A.C.T. - Temperature, Agitation, Chemical, Time.

You can reduce any one of those by increasing the others, but if you increase the strength of any of the four you can also reduce the others. I recommend increasing Temp first then Time and be careful of how strong a Chemical you use as well as what you are agitating with... you said you are using a small knife to scrape.... dont do that... use nylon bristled brushes.


Juanita has 9 rings. five gold and 4 silver. she randomly selects 3 rings, find probability.

P(2 gold and 1 silver or 1 gold and 2 silver)?

Let event-A denotes selection of a gold ring and

event-B denotes selectio of a silver ring

Number of ways of selecting x number of items out of n is given by nCx n!/x!*(n-x)!

P(occurrence of an event) Number of favorable outcomes/Total number of possible outcomes

Total number of ways of selecting 3 rings out of 9 9C3 84

Number of ways of selecting 2 gold rings out of 5 and 1 silver ring out of 4 5C2*4C1 40

Number of ways of selecting 1 gold ring out of 5 and 2 silver rings out of 4 5C1*4C2 30

Required probability P(AAB or ABB) P(AAB) P(ABB) 40/84 30/84 70/84 or 5/6


I own a silver ring with palm branch and the words deutsch ostafrika along the inside. Is this ring valuable?

Wow! Yes, that is not only valuable but it is incredible that you have it!

During World War Two the German army that fought in North Africa was called the "Afrika Corps". It was led by one of the most famous generals in history, Erwin Rommel (AKA The Desert Fox).

The ring you have was issued to all the German soldiers who were part of the Afrika Corps.

If you are thinking of selling it, it should be to a museum and not some pawn shop that won't appreciate it.

By the way, that is a great question!


Is it wrong to propose without a ring box and a simple silver ring?

No its not wrong by any means. Some people are so about material things now days. The ring is not whats important its the idea behind it. As long as your honest with your feelings about her and you make it a proposal she'll never forget it doesnt matter if you even have a ring or not. Dont let people put it in your head that you shouldnt propose to her because you dont have some 3 months worth of salary ring thats ridiculous and i think you are very sweet for wanting to give her something sentimental


Will a true sterling silver ring turn your finger green?

Its not silver. Real Silver and Gold wont turn your finger green. Report him for selling fake jewlery and make him give you a refund. As a ebay buyer myself I know that he is forced to give you your money back because it is false advertising.

Talk with him first to see if he will give you your money back. Give it a week for him to reply. If he doesnt answer in about a week or he doesnt want to cooperate make a claim through Ebay. After so give him negative feedback.


My silver rings turned copper?

They didn't turn copper. Sterling silver is 7.5% copper. The sulfur reacted with both metals, causing tarnish of both silver sulfide and copper sulfide. Removing tarnish removes those sulfides but also takes a little bit of the sterling with it. You'd rather not do that.

There is a simple procedure you can do with pur silver to, instead of removing the silver sulfide, chemically return it to silver by transferring the sulfur to aluminum.However, because you're dealing with copper also, this may not be effective. The best thing to do is see a jeweler.

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