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Wedding and jewelry are indispensably interconnected. The larger the show, bigger the collection of jewelry. In India, wedding jewelry is often associated with the status symbol. The reason why the bride-to-be has to choose her wedding jewelry collection with care. In the northern part of India, the choice of jewelry is a little diverse, so are the designs. While a major section of youngsters is settling down for subtle, nuanced European touch in their jewelry, some are interested to look inwards and find solace in their roots. But where do you actually get to browse through the collection to see what suits you the best. We get you the list of most popular jewelry stores in Delhi.

Mehrasons Jewelers The tagline of this impressive jewelry showroom reads 'Beautiful Forever' and it seems justified when one walks into their showroom even for window shopping. They create some of the most impressive varieties of jewelry to make one's wedding look the talk of the town. One of the oldest jewelry stores in Delhi, Mehrasons has made the best use of technology. One can take a virtual tour to explore their collection or schedule a video call with the store managers to view their jewelry before the jewelry is shipped. Women in love with vintage collection of jewelry must explore their Victorian style bangles, necklace sets and earrings. Love gemstone strings to enhance your everyday look? They have an impressive collection of ruby, coral, pearl and various other precious and semi-precious strings in collection.

Hazoorilal Jewellers The first ever jewelry brand in India to offer certified diamonds to their clientele, Hazoorilal Jewellers has been serving its patrons for more than six decades. Their jewelry collection is imperial and have enough varieties to lend you a bright and gorgeous look. Be it their gold jewelry collection or diamond, everything is precision made to style the bride-to-be the way she has always dreamt. One of the best gold jewelers in Delhi, Hazoorilal is endorsed by the would-be-brides of Delhi and outside for an impressive wedding collection of kundan, jadau and polki jewelry. For the complete collection of bridal jewellery, visit the store of Hazoorilal Jewellers GK.

Kalyan Jewellers Be it a detailed bridal collection or regular wear jewellery, Kalyan Jewellers is there as a reliable option. The best part is their region based jewellery collection called Muhurat. Brides from Bengal, Odisha, Punjab, Kerala and other prominent cities can find their favorite collection at one place. Their jewellery collection feature a wide array of options including semi-precious stone ornaments, polki jewellery, regular gold jewellery, diamond and more. To buy jewellery online, Kalyan Jewellers can be a good choice.

PC Jewellers Women irrespective of their class, wish to endorse gold jewellery to make statement about their choice. But often the designer jewellery come too expensive to be endorsed by woman with limited earning. PC Jewellers hears them and introduces a wide range of collections for women of every class. For women who want to steal all the lights in any gathering, must explore their collection called Abhigyan Shakuntalam, a jewellery collection inspired by Indian flowers. Be it the trinkets or a detailed set, every piece of jewellery in PC Jewellers is a work of art. Try their Lal Quila collection of jewellery which carves India's heritage designs in gold.

Khanna Jewellers The jewellery collection of Khanna Jewellers infuses traditions with creative contemporary design. Located in Karol Bagh, one of the busiest vicinities of Delhi, Khanna Jewellers has an enticing aura that will convince you to finish all your jewellery shopping needs at the same place. The jewellery store has been there for more than 6 decades and has evolved with time as a reliable jewellery store in Delhi for all generations. Their collection of polki jewellery deserves a special mention.

There are jewelry stores like Champalal Jewellers & Co., PP Jewellers, Senco Gold and many more to offer quality gold and diamond jewellery in your needs. Exclusive craftsmanship, impressive design and finest finishing define their collection the best. To save time and money, buying jewellery online is a good option. But, the feeling of buying jewellery from a physical store is unbeatable.

Best Jewelry Showrooms in Delhi to Buy Your Wedding ... 1

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