Country Wedding Details

There is something so inviting about the country. Folks are friendly and always welcoming, making every guest feel like family. This feeling of friendly hospitality is a great place to start when thinking about your wedding.

Country style is always comfortable, never stiff or formal. When planning a country style wedding, keep that in mind when selecting your reception venue. Instead of a fancy ballroom or a generic hall, consider places like meadows, rustic barns, and country inns. These are places where you can create the welcoming sort of atmosphere that epitomizes the country.

Food is an important part of a celebration. For a country wedding, plan a menu with foods that are familiar and unfussy. They don't need to be fancy - just delicious! Ideas include down home favorites like country ham, homemade macaroni and cheese, and fresh berries. For drinks, big glass jugs of lemonade would be the perfect refreshment. Iced tea would be another good drink to have on hand - sweetened if you live in the South or unsweetened if you are a Northern bride.

Presentation is everything for food. The most relaxed ways to serve it are either a buffet or family style, where big platters are passed around the table. Family style service is actually a very big trend at all sorts of weddings, because it does feel more like a family gathering than a formal dinner. If you opt for a buffet, ask the caterer to see the serving dishes in advance. If they are not very pretty, be sure to order some extra flowers to dress up the buffet table.

Speaking of flowers, there are many great choices for a country wedding. Fresh and casual flowers like gerbera daisies, wildflowers, or poppies would be beautiful. You can arrange them in simple glass vases, pop them into galvanized steel buckets, or even loosely arrange them in white pitchers (a basketweave design would be ideal). Another idea is to choose potted flowers displayed in baskets. Tie a gingham ribbon around the basket for a lovely country detail.

Of course, when having a country style wedding, the bride and groom will want to dress the part. Gone are the satin ball gown and tuxedo; attire should be more relaxed than that in a country setting. The groom could wear a nice suit, perhaps in a lighter color like khaki.

The bride's attire should also have a less formal look. Fabrics like linen, Swiss dot, or organdy would be lovely choices. The idea is to choose a gown that makes sense in your setting and enhances your theme. For instance, as perfect as a slinky sheath would look in a city loft, it would look equally out of place in a garden or rustic inn. Simple A-line styles are always a safe choice; find one with special embellishments like lace applique or a colorful sash.

Your accessories should also look at home in your setting. Handmade wedding jewelry would be beautiful for the bride and her bridesmaids. Look for wedding jewelry that has been handmade with fine details like freshwater pearls and sterling silver. When you find the right pieces, you will have the pleasure of being able to wear them again after the wedding.

Whether you grew up in the country, or are a city girl looking to create a welcoming environment for your reception, you can't go wrong adding some country details to your wedding. The warm and relaxed feeling of a country wedding will make it a day that everyone will enjoy.

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