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How to Make People Buy My Glass Paintings and Fashion Jewelry Advertised in Facebook Page?

Have you tried Pinterest to sell your things. I looked up your Yahoo name on Facebook, and was not pleased with the results

How to Make People Buy My Glass Paintings and Fashion Jewelry Advertised in Facebook Page? 1

1. Summer Style Trends & Tips from Top Fashion and Jewelry Experts

From day-to-night maxi dresses to dramatic statement jewelry, featured in today's Summer style guide are the hottest Summer style trends and tips on how to wear these pieces from top fashion and jewelry experts, including a womenswear designer, jewelry design, retail experts, and a celebrity television host. Whether you are looking to update your Summer style with a few on-trend pieces, or you just want to learn how to incorporate this season's sizzling Summer style trends into your existing wardrobe, the experts share the must-have looks this Summer, and how to wear them. As a fashion industry expert (who has been seen on MTV and Bravo, and has produced shows at international fashion weeks throughout North America), Aasit Thakkar (PR Director for DressQode Strategies) suggests that we "Keep it cool" this Summer by "stick(ing) to lightweight cottons, linens and mesh." His belief is that "your style should be functional." He goes on to say, "Accessorize - Summer is a perfect season to dabble with accessories from watches, headbands, to hats and of course sunglasses. A clean classic outfit with colorful accessories is a no-brainer. Do not be afraid to sport mod experimental fabrics, including special denim washes, scuba/neoprene, mixed materials and even cork-based footwear.

Summer style is about risks and adventures." When it comes to the always-in-style floral trend for Summer, Thakkar suggests "a sure-fire way to stay trendy... Standout by incorporating real flowers as a headpiece or attache, or capture florals in unexpected items such as shoes, watches, etc. (versus blouses and dresses.)" In addition to being an award-winning high-end jewelry designer, Daniel Koren is also the Creative Director & Co-Founder of DANI by Daniel K, which is a fine jewelry line made from sterling silver and simulated diamonds. When it comes to wearing Summer style trends, he says, "mixing and matching different shapes and color-ways is something we are seeing a lot for Summer accessories this year. At this moment in fashion, anything goes in terms of stone cuts and metal tones. Silver, gold, and rose tone are all equally popular. That's why I am introducing more options in these metals, stone cuts, and stone sizes than ever before for classic pieces like solitaire pendants and stud earrings." He continues, "Its also refreshing to stack on several Uternity bands in a rainbow of hues, like DANI by Daniel K's sterling silver, simulated diamond, and synthetic gemstone bands in pink, yellow, white, and blue.

Style them with a complementary (but not quite matched) halo pendant or stud earrings." "Since many women are wearing more than one earring at a time, it's also interesting to pair different shapes and lengths together for contrast. It's all about creating an eclectic, yet pulled-together look." "This year, floral motifs also continue to have a strong appeal. Flower-inspired jewelry can be worn by women of all ages. You will also notice multi-hued pieces in tones of pink and blue (reminiscent of the Pantone serenity and rose quartz colors of the year)." Starting her fashion design career by working at Levi's and Michael Kors, Bay Area-based fashion designer, J'Amy Tarr launched her luxury women's outerwear line, J'Amy Tarr Outerwear, in 2013. She has quickly gained a loyal following of devoted fans up and down the West Coast, and has even been featured in 77, WWD, San Francisco Chronicle, Refinery29, and other publications. Relative to 2016 Summer style trends, Tarr says, "Designers are experimenting with bold and interesting prints for summer 2016. They are pushing the envelope by being playful with their use of color, texture and level of intensity. A variety of motifs including flowers, fruits and even palm tree fronds patterns are making their way onto the racks." "I design my outerwear collections primarily using a neutral palette, including colors such as ivory, blush, camel, light grey and black.

How to Make People Buy My Glass Paintings and Fashion Jewelry Advertised in Facebook Page? 2

The amplified prints we are seeing for summer 2016 pair well with my jackets as they are balanced out by the streamlined, tailored lines each jacket creates on the body. Match a Moto Jacket color to one of the colors found within the print, or, alternatively, choose to contrast the print entirely." She goes on to say, "High shine fabric and details are making an appearance on nearly every type of garment for summer - dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, the works! Instead of waiting for special occasions or the holidays to wear metallics and sequins, daytime garments are now sporting this glamorous trend. It's important to remember that metallic and sequined garments must be the focal point of the outfit." As the CEO & Founder of HAUTEheadquarters, an online designer jewelry and accessory retail site (that has been featured in InStyle, People Stylewatch, Good Housekeeping, and more), Nicola Ford shares some of the must-have jewelry trends for Summer 2016. "Tassel fringe earrings are a super hot trend this Summer. A fashionable favorite among designers, we are seeing them all over the runways as well as on consumers. Designers from Oscar de la Renta, Lisi Lerch and more are creating a ton of tassel earring options for any budget. Fun, flirty and frivolous, tassel earrings are perfect for Summer.

Wear them to the pool with a slicked back pony tail or to dinner with an off-the-shoulder summer blouse. Either way, they are a cheap and chic way to upgrade any summer look." She goes on to add, "Turquoise jewelry and accessories are always on-trend for Summer. Adding a pop of turquoise color to your Summer style can quickly upgrade any look. You can take a white tee or boho blouse, and accessorize them with turquoise earrings or a turquoise necklace for a bold fun Summer look." For those who enjoy statement pieces, Ford says "Geometric jewelry is still a Summer 2016 favorite. Designers are adding tons of architectural-inspired flare to many jewelry pieces.

These are perfect for any modern girl in the city." If you are a fashion fanatic, you've probably seen Fashion & DIY Expert, Orly Shani, on one of the popular television shows that she's hosted (including E! Fashion Police, The Fabulist, and currently Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel). As a celebrity style expert, she regularly shares style tips and must-wear trends with millions of viewers. When it comes to Summer style, Shani suggests we sport a "white straw fedora" this season. She says, "add this to any summer look and it pulls the entire ensemble together! Wear it with jeans and a tee or a black t-shirt dress. No matter how you style it, it instantly adds that 'cool girl' vibe." To keep you comfortable all-day long, Shani recommends a "maxi dress that can transition from day to night". She suggests "finding a beautiful dress that flatters your figure. In the summertime, there are a plethora of comfy ones to pick from.

Focus on lightweight fabrics that wo not wrinkle and a silhouette that flatters your shape." Another one of her fave Summer style trends to try are "leather strappy sandals". She explains that "something in a nude, deep brown will blend-in with any look. The strappy leather gives any outfit that laid-back feel." Plus, when you are going from the beach to dinner, Shani suggests packing "a large scarf that can be worn as a beach cover-up or as a scarf. These are a must! Wrap them as a sarong, a scarf, or tie it up as a dress. It's my go-to in the summertime." Last, but certainly not least, Shani says a "crossbody bag... holds just the essentials and lets you be hands-free!" For more fashion trends and tips, visit the Fashion & Style section on Inspirations & Celebrations. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, For more fab tips, pics and videos, follow Inspirations & Celebrations on Google YouTube and Twitter.

2. How do I make fashion jewelry?

Well, I am not sure how old you are but I am going to assume you are young and you have yet to choose a career. The reason I say this is because you could possibly go to school for design! I say if you have not chosen a career then I think you should look into classes, if you have then I say you can take classes on the side and for fun and learn the right way! Its never to late to be what you could have been!

3. When you hear (or read) the term "fashion jewelry", what do you think of?

i think of casual little bracelets or bangles or even little necklaces. i would think the pricing would be between 10 to 15 dollars and for materials maybe beads, rein stones, sparkley things, etc. Hope I helped! :)

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