Six Tips for Choosing Gold Jewelry

More and more people are starting to buy gold jewelry, whether for their families, the elders, friends, or self wearing are good. It has beautiful meaning and decent look. So do you know how to choose gold jewelry?It has clear regulations on the logo and tag on the gold ornaments. Generally, there must be the code name, material name, content mark, etc. of the manufacturer. Gold jewelry without these information is unqualified product! Don't buy what the salesman says. When buying gold ornaments, the most important thing you should care about is its "color", which is the content of gold in the gold ornaments.1. Look at the score markScore identification is the gold content in gold jewelry expressed as a percentage and a thousandth. For example, if G990 or Au990 is marked, it means that the gold content of this gold jewelry is 99%; if G586 or Au586 is marked, it means that its gold content is 58.6%. The former has a higher gold content and better color, it is certainly more expensive. When you are choosing, just look at the score identification and you will know the gold content.2. Look at the text markIn addition to the score mark, some gold products will have a text mark, which is simpler and clearer. There are only 2 words - pure gold (gold with a gold content of not less than 99.0%). In addition, there are also marks such as Inlaid Metal, Thousands of pure gold, which refer to gold ornaments with a gold content of not less than 99.9% or 99.99%. However, our country has already canceled the naming of inlaid metal and thousands of pure gold, and these two marks will no longer appear on the gold ornaments.The density of gold is 19.32g/cm3, which is more than twice the density of copper. Gold in hand has the feeling of falling and copper in hand is heavy but without the feeling of falling. The purity of pure gold and solid gold jewelry is very high, it is very stable. The sound of jewelry custom necklace falling or colliding with each other will be muffled and steady, it has sound of smacking, and it will not move when it falls; the poor quality, low purity and even fake gold landing or bump against each other, it will emit a "dangdang" metal sound, sometimes it will beat the sound, and it will beat after landing. But don't bump it with force. Be careful of deformation.Look at the color and luster. The gold jewelry with red and yellow color is the best, but also pay attention to observe the appearance color of the product, bad colors are dark cyan. Some decorations are too dim in color like the paint color that is sprayed out.Be sure to touch it with your hand to see if the seal is good, if there any loose welds, if there is fracture, if it is rough, or if the button is easy to fall, all these need to check carefully. At the same time, pure gold jewelry customized necklace is easy to deform, and it must be seen whether the overall shape is deformed or not. The texture of the surface of the gold jewelry can not be ignored. It is necessary to choose jewelry with clear surface, good brightness and even texture. At the time of purchase, you should also pay attention to whether the edges of the jewelry are smooth, the good jewelry is exquisitely made.Gold jewelry is easy to bend, the purer the gold, the softer. Solid gold jewelry has a hardness of 2.5, which is about the same as a person's fingernail, so nails can be used to draw fine marks. Compared with other metals, it is harder to bend (suitable for small grams of heavy gold ornaments, such as large grams of gold bars can not be folded).custom name necklace

Six Tips for Choosing Gold Jewelry 1

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