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Starting an Online Jewelry Store Need Some Help and Tips?

Starting an online jewelry store need some help and tips?

Starting an Online Jewelry Store Need Some Help and Tips? 1

Best answer is dont. Jewellery market is already saturated and unless its branded most people prefer to touch and feel the product


I am trying to decorate the outside of a formal wear and jewelry store what kind of things should I use.

Use rich jewel tone colors like Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, and Emerald Green. You could even use a shimmery chrome (for accents) to represent Diamonds. Get a quality window graphic that has the store logo or name. The name of the store should be in a light color, and large enough to see from across the street. Do not forget to post your hours.make the font large enough for people to see as they are driving by. Use awnings to cover the window and/or door area. These awnings can be personalized with your store name and phone number. If you have the time to care for plants and have a bit of a "green thumb", have a few plant hangers with lush flowers. The most important thing to draw customers in is a window display. Change it often. One day, when someone drives by they might notice the mannequin in the window, but quickly dismiss the style on the display. The next day, they might be "wowed" by that outfit that is in their taste. It will make more people stop. Use colorful crepe paper, streamers, borders on the window pane, gossamer, tulle, fabrics, drapes, etc. to decorate the window area. People will remember your store, even years later, if they are impressed by your window display. They may even look forward to driving by, just to see what you've done. Other tips: Promote your business by having a "folded flyer" in a pouch or outdoor "bin" that is on the OUTSIDE of your store. When you are closed, the customer can still grab one. Include information about the store such as hours, what you sell, photos, specials, fashion tips, and even a short story about the owners. Pass out business cards and post them in grocery stores and other places that have bulletin boards. Business cards can be inexpensive, check online at places like Vista Print. Burn a lightly scented candle in your store. Have a water machine with cups and a small garbage container nearby the doorway. (A customer that may be passing by might be thirsty and see that.) Offer free coffee, and advertise that on the sign on the doorway/window. Also search online for more ideas. The internet is full of great business ideas and tips. No matter how you decorate, if your store has a warm and friendly staff, they will come back again and again.and they will tell their friends.

Starting an Online Jewelry Store Need Some Help and Tips? 2


How much would a small diamond ring cost for my girlfriend?

You can get a really nice one for Free. All you have to do is rob a jewelry store


What's the best jewelry store to buy an engagement ring?

I would not go with a jewelry chain store. Most of the time they are pricing more than the jewelry is worth and the people there are working on commission and just want you to buy the most expensive thing they have. Find a local jewelry store. You want someone with a degree in gemology who really has a passion for his or her work. Usually these places will make great deals because they do not have as much over head, being more the individual owner or mom and pop type store. I just had my engagement ring re-set at a place like this. He gave me a lifetime warranty for repairs on my ring. It is white gold, so it needs to be rhodium plated once a year, which he will also do for free. The band itself is a custom design that he created especially for my stone, which was picked out by my fiance's mom who is a gemologist. The price of the gold and the special resetting and the lifetime warranty and everything was only 328. My fiance's mom got my stone for 500. My ring appraised costs more like several thousand dollars. At a larger chain store, it would be worth more like 3-5K. I highly recommend you do a little research and see if there are any places like this in your area. Good luck. I wish you the best.

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Starting an online jewelry store need some help and tips?Best answer is dont. Jewellery market is already saturated and unless its branded most people prefer to touc...
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