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The Best Places to Buy Silver Jewelry in Bangkok

Bangkok is known for its many temples, streets full of delicious food stalls, as well as a vibrant and rich culture. The "City of Angels" has a lot to offer to visitors and residents alike. But did you know that Bangkok has long been considered an important silver jewelry destination?

Silver jewelry in Bangkok is generally well-known for its authentic design and quality craftsmanship. There are many areas, stores and shopping centers dedicated to selling everything from simple souvenirs to high-end, luxury jewelry. But where to buy? That depends on several factors. First, are you looking into buying silver jewelry as souvenirs or are you looking to buy wholesale? Then, a set budget is of utmost importance. Finally, find the shopping areas that correspond to your specific needs.

If you are already in Bangkok and either didn't initially plan to buy any jewelry or simply didn't have time to research, don't worry! We will let you know what are the best places to go and how to get there.

The area encompassing Silom Road south of Lumphini Park, stretching all the way to Bang Rak -where the famous Oriental Hotel is located- and culminating in the Chinatown -locally known as Yaowarat- is the place to shop not only for silver jewelry, but for gems, artifacts and ethnic jewelry. This area is sprinkled with silver jewelry wholesalers, gold leaf factories and stone-cutting workshops. You can get here by Hua Lampong MRT Station or Surasak BTS Station depending where you want to go.

Most department stores have ample space dedicated to jewelry shops. These stores are aimed at the consumer who would like to buy one or two pieces, and their prices are generally higher since you have to pay the retail price. Some examples of are the Mahboonkrong Mall (MBK ) located next to the National Stadium BTS Station and the Central Department Stores with many branches all over Bangkok, where prices are generally higher but expect to see more modern jewelry as opposed to the exotic or intricate designs typically found in Chinatown.

The Palladium World Shopping Mall , formerly the Pratunam Center, is a huge shopping mall with relatively wide alleys with its lower levels dedicated to silver and jewelry wholesalers. Located in the Pratunam area, the Palladium mall is a short walk or motorcycle taxi ride north of Chit Lom BTS Station. Electronics mall Panthip Plaza and the discount clothing mecca Pratunam Market are located close by, worth visiting if you have the time.

Further away from the center of the city at the northern terminal of the BTS Sky train System, Mochit Station, one can find the Chatuchak market . The world's largest weekend market, Chatuchak offers not only silver jewelry but a wide variety of products such as wood carvings, collectibles and Thai handicrafts. The stalls here are mainly geared towards tourists, so if you think the asking price for an item is a little too high, try to negotiate down the price or ask for a discount if you buy in bulk.

We have covered some of the most popular places to shop for silver jewelry in Bangkok. Ranging from bargain prices all the way to the most expensive for luxury pieces, the many silver jewelry stores you will find have ever sort of beautiful and interesting fashion items. If you know where to look, there is a specific store in Bangkok that will have the kind of silver jewelry you need.

The Best Places to Buy Silver Jewelry in Bangkok 1

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