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Birth stone 925 sterling silver jewelry-May birth stone Emerald

Emerald (classified as precious stone) has a deep and vivid colour of green. Emerald gets its name from the French ‘Esmeraude’ and the Middle English word of ‘Emeraude’ which mean “green gem”. Being the member of beryl family, Emerald takes its colour from the traces of chromium and vanadium amounts occurring during the formation of the stone. Moreover, it has birthmarks which means inclusions and surface-reaching fractures. These inclusions and its intense green colour make it unique and special. Due to its chemical structure, Emerald is a little fragile and chips easily when it is faceted. However, a special ‘Emerald Cut’ was developed to maintain the integrity of the Emerald crystal. And it became popular over the years not only for emeralds, but also for other gemstones. It refers to a typical rectangular shape with facets, so the true beauty of this gemstone is brought out. The stone is mined mostly in Columbia and Ural mountains of Russia, Zambia, India, Madagascar, Norway, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia and United States Of America.

In gemology, color is divided into three components: hue, saturation, and tone. Emeralds occur in hues ranging from yellow-green to blue-green, with the primary hue necessarily being green. Yellow and blue are the normal secondary hues found in emeralds. Only gems that are medium to dark in tone are considered emeralds; light-toned gems are known instead by the species name green beryl. The finest emeralds are approximately 75% tone on a scale where 0% tone is colorless and 100% is opaque black. In addition, a fine emerald will be saturated and have a hue that is bright (vivid). Gray is the normal saturation modifier or mask found in emeralds; a grayish-green hue is a dull-green hue.

Emerald with its beauty, its deep green hue is a one of the most special gemstones in the world and has been a coveted jewel for ages. Its beauty was celebrated in so many stories, myths and legends. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, is known for her deep and addictive admiration for the Emerald. It is also associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of Love since ancient Romans believed that the Emerald embodied all her qualities; beauty, fertility and goodness. This May birthstone also symbolises renewal of life and eternal spring.

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