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How to buy a silver necklace?

Necklace contains the necklace around the neck, also known as short necklace, hanging on the outside of the upper neckline, up to the chest of the chest chain, also known as long necklace. Products sold on the jewelry market, generally 42 cm and 54 cm pearl necklace and jade necklace is the most common, 107 cm long jade necklace (such as made of peridot, garnet, crystal, hibiscus, jadeite, turquoise, jade and agate and other thick materials) can also be seen, this long necklace is often tall and dashing personality of women's favorite; a few medium-sized women will be a long necklace A few medium-sized women will be a long necklace into two circles (a long circle, a short circle) to wear in front of the chest, also quite characteristic. The selection of necklaces in general should pay attention to.

 1, to pay attention to the length of the necklace and the color and particle size of the beads, combined with their age and hobby to select.

 2, to pay attention to the quality of the beads (including jade quality and processing technology level), such as the bead chain with equal grains should check whether there is a grain of large or small, such as the tower chain with small ends and large middle by the chain buckle, then pay attention to whether the beads on the whole chain have suddenly become larger or smaller; such as the necklace with spacer beads, then carefully check whether the small spacer beads between each two beads are missing; in addition, to check the beads of each grain The degree of garden and integrity of each bead, including whether there are cracks and defects, etc.

3, to pay attention to the form and quality of the chain buckle, silver necklace buckle in the form of common screw buckle (brass or white plastic quality) and snap two, generally to screw buckle more secure and durable; snap unless it is high-quality, or often easy to damage.

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