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How to clean 925 sterling silver rings

How to clean 925 sterling silver rings

Proper Wearing

Perfume, Cosmetics and Sweat can discolor or rust the metal parts of the jewelry. Remove the diamond jewelry before physical work, makeup or hand cream.

Avoid friction

Jewelry should try to avoid collision and friction with hard objects, so as not to wear off the surface plating and affect the brightness, and try to keep the jewelry dry to avoid oxidation and discoloration.

Wipe with a soft cloth

In the process of using the jewelry, accidentally stick to the stain or sweat, try to use a soft cloth to wipe clean, avoid water washing and coarse cloth wipe

Separate storage

Jewelry must be stored in a clean and dry place, such as a soft cloth bag or fabric jewelry box, and each piece of jewelry should be stored separately.

Cleaning with toothpaste

Cleaning with toothpaste is generally more suitable for plain silver jewelry with a smooth and flat surface. Use a used toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste, in the black and black place repeatedly brush, until the surface of silver jewelry as smooth as new can be, scrub clean and then wash with water. This method to clean the collar and no flower bracelet, the effect is very good, but if used to clean with carved or openwork silver jewelry because the effect is not very good, not recommended to use.

Tin cleaning

Prepare a small bowl, then use a large piece of tinfoil to cover all the bottom of the bowl, shiny side up, then put the silver jewelry that needs to be cleaned in it, pour salt in it, the salt must cover the jewelry. Pour boiling water, stir with chopsticks, wait a few minutes, you can find the silver jewelry blackened and oozing phenomenon is no longer. If there is no tinfoil in the house, you can also use aluminum foil instead, and will not hurt the silver jewelry.


Prepare a clean soft cloth with alcohol for scrubbing, and the black oxide for reaction, this method is milder. The method is very simple and the material is relatively easy to find. But it should be noted that this method can not be used to clean the silver jewelry inlaid with alloy jewelry, or easy to damage the jewelry, the loss is not worth it. And wipe with alcohol when not too use brute force, gently soak wipe.

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