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The representative of quality jewelry - stainless steel jewelry chain

As a common and commonly used material in life, the stainless steel chain is also indispensable in industry. In the eyes of most consumers, stainless steel jewelry chains appear in our daily life in various shapes, and they often appear in the places we usually see jewelry selling. As a very common transmission force device, stainless steel chain can reduce certain friction forces through the "chain" design of a hyperbolic arc. It is generally used in places where the power is relatively large but the running speed is relatively slow. It has obvious advantages over belt transmission, such as tanks, pneumatic compressors, etc., but the transmission speed cannot be too fast, because the flexibility of the chain is worse than that of belt transmission. Stainless steel chains are especially suitable for cleaning or some chemically demanding fields, as well as high and low-temperature applications. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, cold and heat resistance, long life, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, printing, wire cutting, and other machinery industries, and its branch stainless steel jewelry chain also has a place in the jewelry industry, it can be said to be involved in a very wide range of industries. It is made of high-quality 1Cr18Ni9Ti or SS304 stainless steel, which is matched with various import and export machinery and is excellent equipment for modern equipment. Austenitic stainless steel chain series, such as 304, 316, and 316L, have excellent corrosion resistance, such as acid, alkali, and high and low-temperature occasions of -40°~600°. In comparison, 316L has better anti-magnetic, harsh temperature adaptability, and chemical resistance. Martensitic stainless steel chain series, such as 2Cr13, not only have the appropriate anti-corrosion ability but also have the strength of carbon steel with the same carbon content. All in all, the strength of stainless steel is easy to use even in the industry. Of course, the stainless steel jewelry chain is not too much. The quality and quantity are irresistible. Interested friends can try it.

The representative of quality jewelry - stainless steel jewelry chain 1


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