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What is 925 sterling silver rings

What is 925 sterling silver rings

Simply, 925 silver is a kind of material with a silver content of 92.5%. Usually, 925 silver also refers to the highest content of silver jewelry, which can also be identified as pure silver, because silver is a relatively soft metal, and less easy to carve. Therefore, when processing jewelry with silver, some other precious metals are added to it to increase the hardness of silver. So, there is almost no 100% pure silver jewelry at the market. In many people's opinion, 925 silver is equivalent to sterling silver. Obviously, a 925 silver ring is what we call a sterling silver ring. And it has a kind of fashionable bright color, because silver is a white color metal, the color of sterling silver is also brighter, plus the price is more affordable, so silver rings are also more popular among young people. The quality of silver rings can be judged by the details of color, weight, and hardness. Look at the color of the silver to see whether the luster is uniform, use your hand to weigh the weight to feel whether there is a sense of drape, and use the needle point to determine the hardness of the way to distinguish the authenticity of silver.

What factors are related to the price of silver rings. Firstly, we can start by understanding what factors are related to the price of a solitaire ring. Usually, the purity of the silver wire, the weight are the most important factors that affect the price of a silver ring. In addition, the style and workmanship of the ring also have a certain influence on the price. And since the sales channels in the jewelry market today are more diverse, there are certain differences in the cost of sales. This phenomenon also affects the price difference of silver rings to a certain extent. For example, the price of the same silver ring sold on the internet may be lower.

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