The Top 5 Glittering Careers in Jewelry for Those Who Love the Finer Things in Life

Just about every woman dreams of wearing a gorgeous piece of jewelry on her ringer finger or around her neck. And any man would love to be in a position to make this dream a reality for his lady someday.But that day isn't today.The good news? You don't have to be super wealthy to surround yourself with glittering gems.If you can't purchase your dream jewel just yet, you can at least get into a career that allows you to work with some of the most gorgeous natural items you'll ever lay your eye on.Here's a rundown on five careers in jewelry that could put a sparkle in your day, every day.Let's jump in!If the idea of analyzing, certifying and describing gemstones' qualities and characteristics is appealing to you, then a gemologist career just may be for you.You can become one of three types of gemologists: a lab gemologist, an auction gemologist or a retail gemologist.A lab gemologist career is perfect for you if you have a strong passion for science. In this job role, you'll investigate new gemstones outdoors and then evaluate them in the laboratory setting.Using microscopes and lab equipment, you'll study the stones with the goal of figuring out how they formed and what physical properties can be used to identify them. You could even master the art of assigning grades to gemstones.An auction gemologist is perfect for those who enjoy the fast pace of the auction world. In this position, you'll handle private jewelry that its owners are ready to auction.To thrive as an auction gemologist, you'll need to develop a deep understanding of gemstones and appraisals.A retail gemologist works at a reputable jewelry store, where he or she makes repairs, assesses all types of stones and manufactures gemstones. In this position, you'll be able to determine if a stone is fake, authentic or lab created simply by examining it.Retail gemologists work with fine jewelry pieces and gemstones on a regular basis, which can make this job extremely exciting and intriguing from one day to the next.The average salary for a gemologist in 2018 is nearly $47,000.If you're ready to dig deep into the gemology field (pardon the pun), then becoming a gemstone manufacturer couldn't be a better idea.A skilled gemstone manufacturer can take a rough gemstone and turn it into a gorgeous jewelry piece for sale.To do this, you'll need to learn how to cut and treat gemstones. Once you've mastered these skills, you can enjoy the thrill of turning your dream jewelry designs into realities and of seeing your unique creations in the retail setting.The average salary for a gem/diamond cutter in 2018 is a little over $40,000.Do you enjoy both jewelry and traveling? You can combine your love for both of these things into a career that involves hunting for new gemstones in various parts of the globe.You could become a wholesale gemstone purchaser.In a purchaser role, you'll choose pieces from all over the world, import them and make them readily available for the public to purchase.For instance, you could search for and secure the world's most gorgeous pearls, then make alluring pieces out of them. Or you could import exotic diamonds to market.To thrive in this career field, you'll need to be a little adventurous and be willing to stay on top of what jewels are popular in the current market.The average salary for a wholesale buyer in general in 2018 is a little more than $53,000.If you can look at a gem and tell someone how much it is worth relatively accurately, then a gemstone appraiser career may be a great fit for you.As an appraiser, you'll carefully examine gems and estimate their values by using a particular formula. These values can come in handy for retail sale or insurance purposes.To excel in the appraiser field, you must be able to properly describe pieces or stones and assign accurate values to them. The job, which requires both math and science skills, can be complicated, but it certainly won't be boring.The average salary for a jewelry appraiser in 2018 is more than $55,000.If you enjoy interacting with customers, you could work as a retail salesperson at a physical store or even online. This article, for example, highlights a particularly unique online store that sells Roman glass jewelry.As a salesperson, you can help customers to select the best pieces for their unique needs. You need to have an enthusiastic personality and possess strong verbal communication skills to perform well in this job.The more you excel at sales, the greater your chances of becoming a jewelry store manager down the road, if that's something you're interested in as well. Jewelry store managers must be goal oriented, be self-motivated and possess solid analytical and business skills.The average salary for a jewelry sales representative in 2018 is more than $42,000. Meanwhile, the average salary for a jewelry store manager in 2018 is more than $47,000.In addition to highlighting careers in jewelry, we offer information about a wide variety of other career roles available in 2018. For instance, we offer tips concerning how to become an interior designer or a security guard.We also make it easy to find your dream job with our convenient search feature. You can also find helpful advice for successfully running a business -- for instance, a roofing company or even your own freelance consulting business.Take a peek here to find out more about how to make your dream career a reality this fall and beyond.

The Top 5 Glittering Careers in Jewelry for Those Who Love the Finer Things in Life 1

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