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5 Ways to Wear Silver Jewelry

There are a wide range of designs available for the customers who wish to buy men's jewelry at affordable rates. The customers are nowadays spoilt for choice when it comes to buying jewelry for men, be it a one for their beloved boyfriends on Valentine's Day or the one for their brother who wants to sport a cool look in college. While there are various options available for the ones who want to imitate the styles sported by the rock stars or the bikers with silver jewelry, there are also various options for the ones who want to make a different style statement with turquoise rings. These rings are very unique and can make anybody look different in a room full of men sporting the same old fashion accessories. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while making a choice for these unique designs. Read through the article to get a complete overview of what's available and what you need to recheck.

Designs in Stone Patterns Turquoise rings are not only about one single cut stone in a socket of silver jewelry. There are many designs that are available for them as well. The most common design available when going for mens sterling silver turquoise rings is the classic ring design. This comprises of the turquoise in a shape of oval set inside a cage of silver. The silver cage is also of various forms and shapes. Buyers can get hold of silver sockets with a sleek finish while they can also go for a designer one if they wish to sport a bold style statement. This is a very vintage style which can make anybody look good.

The stone details The stone in mens sterling silver turquoise rings is about 7 mm in width and 5 mm in height giving the ring a bold and classic look. The thickness is of about 6 mm which is a standard one in any stone rings available in the market. If you are looking for a more modern design then you can look into the more stylish ones in stock like the Sterling Silver Turquoise Eagle Ring. The dimensions of the stone vary according to the cut of the ring. However, this is a very stylish one which looks like that the eagle has the beautiful stone in its mouth.

Sizes and Material The sizes available are pretty standard as available in the market. The ring size varies from 7.5 to 10 in US standards which pretty much suit all kinds of customers. However if anybody has a special request then they can let the manufacturers know for a customized product. The material used to prepare the basic socket is the 925 sterling silver. The yellow material used to make designs in the ring is brass. All are high quality goods and therefore come at a particular range of price. Customers are advised to be very careful about the quality and the corresponding price of the product that they are looking for. Customers can also get hold of discount offers which are available on special occasions.

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