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Anti Tarnish Jewelry Boxes

If you have silver jewelry that you have owned for a while now, you must have noticed how silver jewelry gets tarnished over time. Storing jewelry in jewelry boxes which are of the anti-tarnish variety is a great way of protecting your prized possessions.

The silver necklace and earring set that was given to you by your grandmother has lost its sheen over the time and you are not quite sure, how it tarnished despite being stored properly. Well, every silver artifact that you own will be discolored with time. This is a process that actually adds character and beauty to silver jewelry. The natural patina that lines the jewelry can actually add to it value. But if it's rust that is lining your jewelry, then maybe you need to rethink your storing options and buying jewelry boxes that are anti-tarnish in nature may be a solution that you could look at.

If you own silver jewelry, then you need to ensure that you store them in such a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and heat. While the space needs to be dark and dry, it also needs to be spacious so that there is enough air circulation. Humidity, naturally emitted sulfur, chemicals, oils, latex, hair color, makeup, perfume, can all cause tarnishing of silver. So, you need to protect your jewelry from all these elements. It is also important that every piece of jewelry that you have enough space and that there no two pieces are stored together. This ensures that your jewelry is not scratched or scuffed in any manner. While storing jewelry, also ensure that you do not store it in paper, plastic cling films, cotton, cardboard, or jewelry boxes that are unlined. This is important because it is possible that these materials have chemicals that can contribute to the tarnishing of your jewelry.

Opting for an anti tarnish jewelry box is an option that you should definitely look at. Most of these jewelry boxes are lined with anti tarnish fabrics that are coated with chemicals that protect the jewelry from the process of discoloration. The problem though is the fact that with most boxes, these chemicals will evaporate as time passes. Also from the lining, these chemicals transfer to the jewelry which when worn by the owner comes in contact with your body. These chemicals can be potentially harmful to you and it is imperative to avoid such situations. This does not mean that this is an option that you need to give up on completely. There are jewelry boxes of the anti tarnish variety available in the market that are not coated with harmful chemicals. Instead the fabric that lines these boxes have minute silver particles in them. This silver content absorbs sulfur gases which cause the discoloration of the jewelry, thereby protecting them in the long run.

If you use a handcrafted jewelry box, then you can protect your jewelry from tarnishing by using tarnishing absorbing cloth pieces that you can wrap your jewelry in or keep it on. These need to be changed regularly though. You can also choose to use anti tarnish strips that are easily available in the market. These strips last for at least six months and need to be changed after. Another option is to keep them with packets of silica gel that reduce discoloration by absorbing the moisture in the air. As a last resort chalk works well as it controls humidity. Even if you have a jewelry box that has anti tarnish properties, you should use one of the above methods as an additional protective measure.

These jewelry boxes are available in many different designs, sizes, colors and materials. You can choose one that suits your purpose and matches your aesthetic sensibilities to store your silver jewelry. Remember that while picking out the box, you also ensure that you pick out additional measures for protection. After all, you would not want to end up with jewelry that has been blackened by humidity and lost its beauty and shine.

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