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Different Style of Jewelry in Different States of India

Unity in Diversity There is a deep connection between jewelry and the lives of people in India, dresses seem to be incomplete without jewelry whether wearing regular wear or party wear, some common jewelry like gold earring, diamond pendant in India are necessary with these dresses. There are different ways of wearing jewelry with different designs and styles in different states in India.

Let's consider few states with their different style of wearing jewelry.

In Kashmir earrings, anklets and bangles are widely used apart from the use of ornamentation in clothing.

Dejharoos or golden pendants are worn by the Hindu women of this state. Dejharoos comprise of two decorative golden pendants which are suspended through gold chains or silk threads which represents the married status of a women among Kashmiri Pandits. The Muslim women are quite tender of wearing a bunch of earrings. Silver jewelry is popular among the Muslim women and they adorn themselves with necklaces, bracelets and heavily jeweled chains.

In states like Gujarat in spite of hot and harsh climate women like to wear heavy ornaments in fact traditional women can be seen wearing heavy jewelry of silver even today, but the reason behind is that silver is the metal which do not get heated in hot climate and can be wear without any trouble and this gracious metal actually gives a good option of investment and can be used at the time of natural calamity with this silver jewelry of different pattern works as identity for individual as well as tribal groups like Vatla is a spiral necklace worn by Harijan women. Nagali spring earrings are sign of marriage, etc.

People in Orissa adorn themselves with various designs of jewelry made of brass or aluminum rings piled on top of each other around their necks and beautiful necklace of glass beads which are used to cover their naked torsos down to their hips and serve as upper garments.

In some tribe's women wear three golden rings in their nose, and make their hairstyle beautiful by using around fifty different hair clips and set their hair buns using more than ten types of hair pins made of iron, brass, copper or silver Coming to the style of jewelry worn in south India which are mostly made using gold, in this section beautiful Temple jewelry will be discussed, in temple jewelry temple chains are quite admired among temple ornaments which are mostly worn by women to bestow them with beautiful look, temple necklace and chokers are much loved by woman as these beautiful ornament enhances the beauty of their neck. Among earring one of the most common is bell shaped earring which are frequently created with rubies or kemp stone ended with tiny circular swirl of tiny pearls, temple bangles are another beautiful piece of ornament comes in variety of designs and are created with different gemstones.

There are various states with their different styles of jewelries like earrings, gold bracelets, and gold pendants in India. Now a days it is not difficult to get these different jewelry due to presence of internet market, we can buy any jewelry of any state like necklace, rings and diamond pendants online.

Different Style of Jewelry in Different States of India 1

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