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How Do I Make My Silver Chain Shine ?

There are silver "polishing cloths" that you can get a stores like WalMart that are especially impregnated with the proper chemicals to make silver jewelry like new again. They are not expensive either

How Do I Make My Silver Chain Shine ? 1

1. Where is the best place to sell some gold and silver jewelry?

go to a proper specialist to see how much its really worth

2. how do you clean silver jewelry thats not real silver?

There are other jewelry cleaners that are not for silver. Try one of those. or just use soap and water and a toothbrush, then rinse and dry

How Do I Make My Silver Chain Shine ? 2

3. Looking for a good silver jewelry store online?

if you are looking for one of a kind artisan jewelry,etsy.com i offer 10%discount if you mention yahoo answers.

4. Can gold and silver jewelry be worn together or is it tacky ?

some people can pull it off some cant. personally i dont like it but on some people it looks great!! try it. if you like it then wear it. dont think about what other people will think

5. Wearing silver jewelry and black w/ gold shoes together?

From a guys perspective, I would say that sounds pretty good, go for it

6. Adobe Photoshop help please! Silver jewelry white background How to question?

If you want to TRY to fix what you have, open the image and then open a Levels dialogue with [CTRL][L]. Click on the white eyedropper and then click the eyedropper (that is now linked to your cursor) on the white background. See if it works okay without washing out the silver jewelery. Or... Take forever and select the piece of jewelery, copy it, drop it onto a white background.

7. poll do you like rose yellow or White gold or Platinum or silver in jewelry?

My mother always loved platinum, myself, I could never afford it. I love the gift for what it is and the love and thought behind it! I am more of a person of feelings, silver, takes a lot of time to clean, but, it is pretty, gold is nice and the white is my favorite, however, I do not own any

8. Can people with brown hair and eyes pull off silver jewelry and makeup?

uh why not? i do not really think eye color matters when it comes to jewelery. i have brown eyes and i wear silver necklaces all the time

9. What color ballet flats should I wear with this gown?

I think you should match your shoes with your accessories. You could wear gold colored flats with a gold necklace /bracelet etc or silver shoes with silver jewelry

10. I have silver jewelry that is bronze how do u restore the color back to silver.?

several things around the house will help fastest is toothpaste with a little bush and other is baking soda and also there are special cloths to clean and polish silver

11. What is the best product to clean and polish sterling silver jewelry?

cleansing on my own wo not make it variety new returned. Sterling silver is gentle and gets scratched actual. on an identical time as the cleansing removes the tarnish, it does not do away with the scratches. basically a expert polish will do away with those. you will be able to desire to take the necklace to a jeweller and discover out, how plenty a polish expenses

12. How could I clean my ring?

You can buy special cloths to clean silver jewelry in most jewelry departments. If you want a home method try this. Line a GLASS bowl or small glass baking dish with aluminum foil. Do not use a metal container. Place your ring on top of the foil. Cover the bottom of the container and your ring with baking soda and then pour boiling water over it. Let it set for a few minutes and then wipe with a paper towel and rinse with plain water and dry. This method works really well with silverware so I would imagine it will work with jewelry too

13. where can i find the best and cheapest silver jewelry in thailand?

I use to live on Charoen Krung Rd and use to walk by lots of silver shops... dont be affraid to walk away after they give you a price... they love to try and make a few extra dollars of us "farengs" as they call us. .. Do not buy from the first shop too. .. Make sure you shop around. .. Hope this helped. .. Enjoy BKK. .. it's a awesome city!.

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