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How to Remove Bad Scratches on Silver Jewelry?

Yes, if you have a dremel roto tool (your husband may have one?) you can use a super fine sanding disk, then polisher to remove scratches. If not, get some super fine grain sand paper from your hardware store- talk to the associate there and make sure to get the lightest on they carry. Use it genlty- that is really all a jewelry would do. You can get a Sunshine polishing cloth form your local bead store to restore the shine afterwards

How to Remove Bad Scratches on Silver Jewelry? 1

1. Silver jewelry: Thomas Sabo vs Tiffany & Co.?

There are a huge number of shops that sell quality sterling silver jewellery. Remember that when buying from Tiffany you are paying for the name. Providing you purchase sterling silver and are happy with the design and finish of the piece, there is no difference apart from the name.

2. What houshold chemicals can i use to clean silver jewelry?

i use tomato sauce/ ketchup to clean all my jewellery, put ithem in a small bowl, cover with the tomato sauce and leave for a few hours, then rinse, the acid in the tomato eats off all grime and tarnish,

How to Remove Bad Scratches on Silver Jewelry? 2

3. How can you make sure your rings don't turn green?

You can store it in a jewelry box specifically for silver jewelry. My mom got me one for christmas and it's keeps jewelry from tarnishing (the process of turning green)

4. where can i find the best and cheapest silver jewelry in thailand?

not in bangkok because it's expensive there, go to chang mai and ull find some good jewelries at an affordable price

5. What do I wear do to winter formal?

Darker colors like maroon, dark green, dark blue, black, dark purple. Make it more of a semi-formal dress - no prom style dresses, save those for when you go to prom. Go somewhere that is not too expensive, like a department store like Macy's or JCpenney. If you have a lot of money to spend, Jessica Mcclintock has lots of semi-formal cute dresses for teenagers. Your jewelry, makeup, and hair will largely depend on the style and color that you wear. For those darker colors I mentioned, I would recommend silver jewelry that has plenty of sparkles. For your hair, since it's semiformal I would keep it more casual - down or half up and some loose curls would look really pretty. Strappy black shoes are all you need, but do not make the heels too high so that you are comfortable dancing all night. have fuN! :)

6. I have silver jewelry that is bronze how do u restore the color back to silver.?

the only ingredient you are able to do if so is pay to have it plated, which would be high priced. yet once you somewhat love the necklace, it must be nicely worth it. it's going to final you lots longer that way too because of the fact the metallic would be reinforced.

7. Do you prefer to wear GOLD or SILVER jewelry?

I prefer gold!!

8. Why isn't all my silver jewelry the same color?

It is a different quality silver

9. How to clean my tiffany silver jewelry?

tooth paste and soft brush

10. Can I wear my white gold ring with silver jewelry?

Now this one is funny but easy to answer. But 1st we have to understand gold.... 24K gold (99.9% pure gold) is yellow, There is no such thing as 24K white gold. White gold is made by adding cheaper metals to yellow gold. (normally 16% or 18% zinc & 2% to 4% nickel). Now this changes the color to silver. Now here is where the problem comes in. They want to sell white gold for more, but have degraded the value of it by lowering the purity. Enter the ablilty to market things... They cant call it silver (which it is) cuz silver is cheaper then gold. They already made it cheaper by adding cheap metals. So they call it "white". See the background of this page? That is white. There is nothing white about white gold. So to answer your question, yes you can. You can wear a silver/ruby earring in one ear & a white gold/ruby earring in the other and nobody will be the wiser.

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