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Know the Historic Symbolism of Skull Jewelry

Mens rings are very popular pieces of male jewelry. It is a common concept that jewelry is meant for women but men have been wearing jewelry ever since the ancient ages. Though they can be made up of a wide variety of materials, silver rings are specially liked by most males. These are the most fashionable accessories that the men folk like to wear to them to give a boost to the impression of their looks. Different patterns of silver rings are available in the market, but the silver skull rings are quite special in their appeal. These skull patterns in the rings have certain elements of ingrained history.

Skulls and bones have become a part of fashion You will be able to see the design of skulls in all types of accessories and clothes. They are used in the printing graphics and the tattoo art too. In jewelry too, the designs of skulls are popular since a long time. But what is intriguing is why these skull and bone designs are so popular in the fashion elements and accessories. It has been observed that skull design jewelry has been popular since the ancient ages. The appeal of these designs has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

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Skulls did not induce fear in olden days In the ancient days, the Egyptians believed that the skull denoted the cycle of life after death. The same belief was present among the Death was not a feared or abhorred as in the present days. It was believed that death used to take the human beings to a new life. A rebirth took place. There was no element of stigma associated with death at all. The gods who were believed to control the different cycles of life and life after death were worshiped with reverence. When the jewelry was made at these periods, the bones were pierced along with the skin for attaching the jewelry. Though it was painful, it was considered to be of high fashion in those days. The persons who create this jewelry were very skillful in those times.

The skull symbolizing the dead is symbolic in celebrations In many of the western countries, the dead and the elements associated with it are still celebrated to this day. In the ancient period, the Aztecs used to celebrate certain events with the human remains such as bones and skulls. The theme of those events has been passed on to the present age where a certain day is celebrated in the name of the dead. In countries like Mexico and other Latin American nations, such celebrations are held even today. Even the Catholic nations observe the "All Souls Day" in which they believe that the souls of the day come down during these days. The skull symbol is very much visible in all these celebrations and is in no way shunned at all.

Skull ring became a fashion since the Elizabethan era In the Elizabethan age, the silver skull rings with the designs of skulls engraved on them started gaining popularity. The skulls without the portion of the jaw became symbolic of the underworld. Persons who were associated with illegal activities and the goons were considered to wear these types of rings. The meaning of the similar symbol of the skull is prevalent even in the modern days. The motorcycle gang members used to wear these types of rings. It is a method of inducing terror among the commoners. These gangs were supposed to be different from the common people and used to stir up fear in their minds.

Variety of skull ring designs has become fashionable There is a plethora of skull designs that have become popular are very much in demand. They are being used in all types of sterling silver jewelry. Some of them are seen to have wings with them which signify freedom or rising from the dead. There are others which also have crossbones with them which signify danger or terror. There are other designs where skulls are seen depicted along with butterflies. This denotes how the form of life changes from one to the other. The ones with snakes show immortality and the shift from one life to the next. There are many such designs which are being used liberally in the designs of the silver rings and the men love sporting them.

Know the Historic Symbolism of Skull Jewelry 1

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