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Silver Jewelry on the Rise

Is silver jewelry now a more favored purchase than than gold jewelry Gold has been around for centuries, of course, but so has silver and the lower price of silver metal has always given it an advantage. However, having read many articles and opinions recently that suggested that silver jewelry was more popular for other reasons, I set out to questions a few friends and acquaintances and to find out which they preferred. Almost to a man (or rather, woman, since most of them were female friends) all of them extolled the virtues of silver jewelry and professed to buy it and wear it more than gold, giving a range of reasons in the process, including:

Silver jewelry looks equally as impressive and exotic as gold but at a much lower price. And the color of sterling silver grants it the look of white gold or platinum at a fraction of the cost. Silver can be matched with almost any gemstone. Sterling silver is a perfect setting for virtually any color of gemstone making it a great choice for reasonably priced rings, pendants and earrings showcasing either natural or created gems. A range of birthstones including amethyst, garnet and topaz regularly appear in stunning silver jewelry designs.Silver jewelry can be worn with outfits of a more varied color than gold.Checking out what's available online and in the Malls, silver seems to be capable of being made into an incredible range of jewelry styles from dainty silver earrings to big cuffs and chains.Taking this thought of how wide the range of jewelry can be, what type of silver jewelry should you buy Here are some suggestions, simply to show what is available out in the jewelry world:If you are a fan of diamonds, match it up with those gemstones for a stunning effect. A diamond heart pendant, like many items of diamond heart jewelry, is an incredibly fashionable theme today. In this pendant, the diamonds usually are not themselves heart shaped but the silver heart is encrusted with a few larger sized or many small shimmering gems.Check out classic jewelry - it is an exceptional investment and a piece of antique jewelry is a thoughtful gift for a special person in your life. The level of quality of a vintage jewelry item is frequently considerably superior to its contemporary equivalent (but note that the same doesn't necessarily apply to diamond jewelry because modern diamond cutting methods are far superior to those used a hundred years ago).

Sterling silver heart charm bracelets make superb gifts for girl - gifts that will always be treasured. A locked heart is the traditional and essential accent for the type of charm bracelet in which charms are added steadily in time. This kind of design allows you to buy items for that girl later on as she may wish to receive different charms to include in her collection. So there you have it - even though it is based on a rather small sample, it is easily possible to confirm that silver jewelry is increasingly the favorite of so many ladies and it looks like this will be the case for many years to come.

Silver Jewelry on the Rise 1

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