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What Can I Clean Silver Jewelry with Products I Might Have at Home.?

toothpaste without peroxide and warm water does a great job

What Can I Clean Silver Jewelry with Products I Might Have at Home.? 1

1. Is grey a bad dress colour for prom?

Grey is fine... If you want, just accesorize with silver jewelry and shoes orrrrr go funky and pair it with bright colors... grey goes well with red, pink, yellow, black, green, and purple. Avoid orange, white, and blue

2. Do you prefer to wear GOLD or SILVER jewelry?

Gold--I would rather have a few good pieces of gold than all the silver in the world

What Can I Clean Silver Jewelry with Products I Might Have at Home.? 2

3. hi girls what is more attractive in a guy gold or silver jewelry?

Sliver is great, but if you choose to wear gold, white gold look the best

4. Will 18k gold over sterling silver jewelry last?

18K gold over silver jewelry will not last you forever as you already know. How long it will last you depends on the quality and the quantity of the gold plating on it. Gold in general (pure gold for example) is actually very soft compared with other metals. That is why even if you have pure 24K gold jewelry it becomes distorted out of shape. Gold plating will behave the same way. The pollutants added into it make it behave even worse. The gold plating will wear off in time. Most of the time it is just use and abuse. You can not really avoid them. So I am not telling you to go with something expensive. Just go with what you can afford and then simply get it polished/plated again, if it becomes too dull or if the gold starts wearing off again.

5. How do you clean silver jewelry?

silver dip or polish

6. were can i find real silver jewelry online?

u can get it from globus, lifestyle, piramid. ebay

7. Wearing silver jewelry and black w/ gold shoes together?

well it like totally depends on what outfit you are wearing I would just stick with black or no jewellery darling!

8. Should I wear Gold or Silver jewelry with a gold leopard dress with silver beading for Prom?

Your dress sounds really fun bit it's already going to be very busy so I would accent the silver with silver jewelry-- and not too much of it! You want to be fun and classy not overwhelming and trashy, you know?

9. another way to clean my sterling silver jewelry?

you can brush it with thoothpaste, its what my mom always told me =]

10. What household products effectively clean silver jewelry?

previous 2 are ok. never use the washing soda and aluminium foil way, as to much use will strip all silver off the article

11. i'm looking for a soluation for cleaning silver jewelry?


12. will rubbing alcohol clean my silver jewelry??

no , use normal washing soap powder put it in your palm add some water then take the silver and rub it into your hands , its better if you soak it in hot water and soap for 10 min before , and add little bicarbonate of soda with the washing powder and it will turn as good as new...:-)

13. Where can I find King Baby silver jewelry?

I do not know exactly what type of jewelry your looking for, but I hope this give you some kind of idea! Good luck...............

14. What do I wear do to winter formal?

Darker colors like maroon, dark green, dark blue, black, dark purple. Make it more of a semi-formal dress - no prom style dresses, save those for when you go to prom. Go somewhere that is not too expensive, like a department store like Macy's or JCpenney. If you have a lot of money to spend, Jessica Mcclintock has lots of semi-formal cute dresses for teenagers. Your jewelry, makeup, and hair will largely depend on the style and color that you wear. For those darker colors I mentioned, I would recommend silver jewelry that has plenty of sparkles. For your hair, since it's semiformal I would keep it more casual - down or half up and some loose curls would look really pretty. Strappy black shoes are all you need, but do not make the heels too high so that you are comfortable dancing all night. have fuN! :)

15. I need jewelry ideas for my bridesmaids to go with their dresses?

i think silver jewelry would b nice

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