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Why Sterling Silver Bracelets Wholesale Is a Brilliant Idea for Your Shop

This type of jewelry has been used by royalty and the wealthy in early civilizations and today, silver pieces are still considered classy and unique. However, this metal in its natural form is too soft and has to be used with other metals. This is how sterling silver came about. This is an alloy made of at least 92.5% silver and copper. It is commonly referred to as 925-sterling silver and is used to make a wide range of jewelry.

If you are in jewelry business, it is important to learn about the latest trends in the business in order to keep your customers happy. Sterling silver sterling jewelry is all the rage today and you need to look at tending designs and make sure you have them in your collection. You can now invest in silver bracelets wholesale and other jewelry types to leverage the growing interest in the design.

Reasons to Stock Sterling Silver Jewelry Many jewelry shops are too slow to pick on the trends and this can lead to failure. As a shop owner, you have to stock what is in style and more importantly, your jewelry has to remain beautiful and durable. This is a good reason to invest in sterling silver.

If you are still wondering how you can expand your customer base and retain your customers, it is time you gave sterling silver jewelry another look. Here you go:

1. Leveraging Fashion Trends Sterling silver pieces have made an appearance in many red carpet events and for this reason; it is a good investment in a world where celebrities dictate fashion trends. Among celebrities who have graced the red carpet wearing sterling silver include Mary J. Blige, LeeAnn Rimes, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Grammy Award-winning singer Mariah Careyamong others. With today's easy access to information, your customers will want to replicate these looks by their favorite celebrities and this is why you need all types of sterling silver in your collection.

2. Sterling Silver Versatility One reason many people are opting for sterling silver is the fact that it is easily customizable. You can get any type of jewelry you want be it earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants among others. All these can be designed in beautiful styles to suit your customers' requirements. As the demand for more custom jewelry increases, your customers will come looking for pieces that can suit their styles, specific occasions among other needs.

3. Health Benefits of Sterling Silver Human beings have always sought healing properties in gemstones but it is rare to find a stone that has any such benefits. Well, silver has been found to be a powerful antimicrobial agent meaning it can fight infections. These are qualities are passed onto sterling silver jewelry. Others health advantages that are making more people go for sterling silver jewelry include its hypoallergenic qualities. Unlike other forms of jewelry in the market, sterling silver pieces are safe and do no cause allergic reactions. There is no nickel content in this type of jewelry and as a seller; you are assured that your customers are safe. As more people adopt healthier lifestyles, everything they buy is closely evaluated for safety. This is one more reason you need to have sterling jewelry in your collection.

4. Affordability Everyone wants to look glam and fabulous and one way to do this is by wearing magnificent jewelry. However, not all your customer can afford gold and diamond and you have to provide a more affordable yet fantastic alternative. Sterling silver pieces are more affordable but this doesn't mean they look cheap. When buying wholesale, you are also able to save money and you can in turn pass your savings to the customer.

5. Exquisite Beauty Consumers are always surprised at the beauty of sterling silver pieces. From bracelets to earrings, the sparkle that comes from this brilliant metal is just breathtaking. This is the whitest metal in jewelry making and it is no wonder more consumers are opting for it.

Other reasons to invest in sterling silver jewelry include the ability to get return business as these pieces are more affordable. It is also Original Source:

Why Sterling Silver Bracelets Wholesale Is a Brilliant Idea for Your Shop 1

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