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My Mania with Fashion Bracelets

It may be true that we can trace bracelets as far back as five thousand years ago. The people of Egypt would put bracelets carved with Scarabs which signified rebirth on their mummies since one of their myth had a scarab for a god this custom was followed at the burial of many of their ancestors. Now it may be also true that in Latin America, bracelets or a gold necklace with a red coral charm in the shape of a fist are put on newborns to ward off the evil eye, and that in India women wear bracelets to indicate their marital status, and it may again be also true that in Bulgaria a red or white string is tied around the wrist so that "Marta" will make spring come faster. I personally do not believe in the evil eye and I do not care if anyone knows that I am married. I just like to wear bracelets.

I love bracelets of every kind. They can be silver bracelets, gold bracelets; they can be made of silicone, wood, shell, beads or even stones. It makes no difference to me. My all time, most favorite bracelets are the ones that have semi precious stones set in them and very wide. If they are rhodium plated silver bracelets or rhodium gold plated bracelets I tend to like them them more. I think this is brilliant as the plating helps to protect and tends to let the jewelry keep its luster much longer. I like them to have a secure locking clasp and they must be made of good quality silver.

I must admit that if I see a woman with a unique fashion bracelet I will stop and comment on it. Fashion bracelets that are made of silver are quite beautiful on a woman. To me nothing says hot lazy summer days than a woman wearing four or five silver fashion bracelets or bangles on her wrist. If the arm that the silver bracelets happen to be dangling from is tanned I consider that very classy.

Is there anything more sophisticated than a well dressed woman wearing a couple of gold bracelets with gold fashion earrings going out on the town? I think not. Even a well dressed man wearing a gold or silver bracelet has a lot of appeal.

Have you ever noticed little female babies wearing tiny gold bracelets? Having grown up in a predominantly Italian speaking community I would often see these adorable babies with their mothers, I remember thinking that when I had babies of my own they too would have their own gold bracelets.

My two daughters did have one and to this day my youngest daughter who is now in her thirties still loves to wear bracelets. Her style seems to drift more towards silver bracelets and rings. Her personality seems to suit her choice very nicely, still better yet my two granddaughters are quite the fashion divas although they are only five and seven. They both insist on having their own fashion jewelry which includes several silver bracelets. My sister in law has a fascinating charm bracelet that she wears on occasion. Her charms all represent a specific event in her life. Since she has had a full fun filled life her bracelet is very chock-a-block and I am sure that it is worth a few dollars because she has been collecting little charms most of her adult life.

Whatever you're motive or sentimental reason for having many bracelets never stop wearing them. I believe that even if we are liberated women we can still be feminine. For more information on silver bracelets please visit us at: otraditionhandbag

My Mania with Fashion Bracelets 1

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