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The Future of the Jewellery Industry Sterling Silver Bracelet




Prior to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, jewelry industries have maintained the traditional offline sales model generally through distribution, exhibitions,offline showroom, and local sales.Because of the large-scale outbreak of the epidemic, the past year has brought considerable challenges to the jewelry industry, the closure of thousands of stores, the cancellation of trade shows and events and the blockade of the city...

Although the situation is not optimistic, the share of online sales jewelry in the United States and Western Europe doubled over 2019, and the share of jewelry trade sales in 2020 will continue to increase.Why? Why do many industries keep declining sales, but the jewelry industry can survive in a narrow gap?

Factors cited as contributors to the global growth of jewelry market include a growing number of digital buyers, an increasing female population, an increasing middle-class population and increasingly comprehensive online shopping experience.

In China, I have the most authentic experience.During the COVID-19 period, Chinas export volume only increased by 10 times. A large number of live streaming apps and live shopping platforms have emerged. Everyone can shop on their mobile and tablets without going out. Watching celebrities introduce sterling silver bracelets jewelries and show details from the small screen, just one click to buy, just slide for another live product. This is how Tik Tok works.This is also the future trend of jewelry sales.

Since the pandemic, consumers are increasingly comfortable shopping 925 sterling silver bracelets online for jewelry and are much more likely to make high-ticket purchases online than five years ago. However consumers are not satisfiedby looking at pictures and details only, but with more vivid and true explanations, watching the live broadcast with others and comments to understand the market's reaction.

To a large extent, it reduces the burden on sellers and expands the consumption area. ladies sterling silver bracelets online shopping will be the biggest trend in the future, and online consumers will also be the largest consumer group.To meet the new business opportunities, early use of various social Apps to promote and launch products, learn about product live broadcasts to increase purchasing power. This will be the second huge wave in the jewelry industry.

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