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Buying the Right Gift for Girlfriend?

Jewelry sounds perfect. However, I would go for something simple such as a gold bracelet, a pair of gold earrings or a simple gold necklace with small pendant. Do not put it in a box that looks like a ring box, whatever you do as this may give the wrong idea

Buying the Right Gift for Girlfriend? 1

1. Wouldn't pm Modi's decision to remove 500 and 1000 rupee notes from the market impact his vote bank in the next election?

On the contrary this was done exactly for the next elections to become the most powerful and strongest government , but note that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This new tactics will put everyones bank account and income sources under direct control of the government. This absolute power will pay great political dividends. In Long term the Government through heavy taxes will become extremely rich and powerful , the common man will be the weakest as his every penny will be controlled by the right wing hindutva brigade under BJP. They will leave no stone unturned to implement it's agenda in the country slowly and steadily.It was a ploy by BJP to remain in power for the next term. Queues were reported in Ahmedabad banks since past two days before the Modi announcement. The BJP politicians and financiers were informed already and they got the black money exchanged through forex and jewelry which can be seen from the historical forex records preceding the announcements. Now they do not need any fund for the next 7 election terms. The spend massive amounts on social media persuasion techniques, the common man easily gets influenced by the propganda which will be very harmful in the long run

2. Any gift Ideas for a girl I like?

jewelry is always the best... lol but i think u should get her a gift card to some store... (never a restaurant)

Buying the Right Gift for Girlfriend? 2

3. How can I change my personal style to become more girly?

well you could look for different T-shirts in girly colors or find a few cute jewelry pieces. if you have your ears pierced, look for some cute earrings that would match some T-shirts you have. My big idea for you would be jewelry. It can make anything look more girly. You could also find T-shirts with patterns like flowers on them. You could also find some scarfs or hair pieces that would look good with some clothes you have now

4. How do you get a Lava Crystal and/or Wisdom of the Elders in Star Wars Galaxies?

A lava crystal is made from the Chu-Gon Dar cube using a Warmly Glowing Engine Component a Warmly Glowing Skull a Warmly Glowing Artifact. All of these items are looted from various bosses on Mustafar, and are extremely rare drops. I am not sure what you mean by Wisdom of the Elders. I am an Elder Jedi on Chilastra and I have never heard of that. There are a couple of Elder buffs, the Gift of the Light Side or the Gift of the Dark Side, which an elder Jedi gets when they put on their Elder Robes. There is also the Elder Buff (Favor of the Elders) which only Elder players (pre-NGE Veterans) have. The Elder player can then give the buff to anyone in the same group they are in. Second answer: The only player who can get Elder robes are players who were in the game prior to Nov 15, 2005. That was the day that the NGE came out. The Chu-Gon Dar cube is the reward from a quest on Mustafar. When you are fighting creatures and NPCs on Mustafar, sometimes they drop "glowing" items. The items can be used in combinations to make schematics, weapons, jewelry, etc. Go to SWG-Wiki.com and look up the Symbols of the Chu-Gon Dar Quest. You should also find lists of the glowing items, and what can be made from the cube. Basically, you take three "glowies" and put them in the cube. Then from the radial menu, you select Activate and the item is created. So, if you are making a Lava Crystal, you would place the three items from above in the cube, activate it, and recieve the crystal in your inventory. It would then have to be tuned by the Jedi and can be placed in their light saber.

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