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Great Gift Ideas for a Girl?

ok well any girl will LOVE a stuffed animal or jewelry. also make a card for her with a poem in it to show her you have a soft shell. just try to spend some time with her and smile a lot but do not be creepy. girls really care WHAT they get, it's actually the thought that counts...but if it's something poorly made then we may give it a thumbs down...but anyways just find something cute and she will love it just because it came from you. hope that helped peace!

Great Gift Ideas for a Girl? 1

1. What could I use this dress for?

This would probably work of rthe sweet sixteen as it's more fun instead of formal, and you could wear maybe silver or nude color pumps, or even pumps that is that same color pink. For jewelry, some sparkly dangly earring of some sort should work. Hope I helped and this dress is adorable! :).

2. Dave Lee's Holiday Gift Guide *

Read no further, diamond earrings are an absolute must-have for every woman! They are the perfect accessory for any occasion as they can be easily be dressed up for a night out, or worn casually with jeans. From traditional diamond studs to more fashion-forward styles, you are sure to find the perfect pair at Wixon. A beautiful color gemstone pendant is designed to be worn all the time and serves as the perfect daily reminder of your love. Whether worn on its own or layered with other necklaces, a beautifully designed pendant is a versatile piece of jewelry that she will enjoy every day. The stunning beauty of a diamond tennis bracelet captures attention like nothing else can. The allure of a perfect line of diamonds set in a beautiful bracelet will light up any room she walks into. Both versatile and eye-popping, the right tennis bracelet is an essential piece of jewelry in a woman's collection. For years fine watches were considered a 'man' thing. Today, the world's most well respected brands have recognized the importance of women and watches. It's something she might not consider for herself, but will end up being one of her most coveted pieces. Women like to express themselves and make a lasting statement, which is why a color gemstone ring is a perfect addition to her jewelry collection. Whether it is a classic blue Sapphire or a fiery Ruby, the right gem in the right color on the right person is a remarkable thing! If you are unsure of what you are looking for-no problem! Ask the experts at Wixon! Their knowledgeable staff has an abundance of ideas because Wixon Jewelers offers an incredible collection of exceptional diamonds, rare gemstones and only the finest Swiss watches. They can give you recommendations based on a few simple questions about your loved one to help you find the perfect gift! When you walk into their beautiful showroom, you wo not see run-of-the-mill, average jewelry because Wixon Jewelers specializes in the rare and exceptional. From their incredible diamond and gemstone collections to their selection of exclusive timepieces, everything at Wixon is of the highest caliber and is designed to last a lifetime. You have to visit Wixon Jewelers and experience what makes Wixon unlike any other jewelry store you've ever been to!

Great Gift Ideas for a Girl? 2

3. Where can I buy this engagement ring?

^^ But its not no matter how much you wish it was... if you can not afford a engagement ring just wait till you can. It will be worth the wait being able to buy her something that's actually authentic. Besides, many stores offer great payment plans that will let you get an authentic diamond regardless of finances. Do not be fooled. ALL women i repeat, ALL women like jewelry

4. Bridesmaid gifts--> what have u given or recieved?

I got my girls a gift card to the salon where we got our hair done and a Coach clutch. I spent $100 on each. A wedding I stood up in we got a really nice necklace. But I do not really wear jewelry so it just sits on my dresser. Another wedding we got watches. They had been engaged forever so they said the watches symbolized "its about time!" Take their interests into mind. My husband got his guys each something different based on their interests. His friends are in their 30s, my brother in law is 24, and my brother is 13. There was not really a universal gift.

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