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How Is the Best Way to Clean My Diamond Ring?

How is the best way to clean my diamond ring?

How Is the Best Way to Clean My Diamond Ring? 1

Warm, soapy water and a toothbrush. This is the same thing big jewelers like Tiffany's use. They also use a steam machine in addition but that can be a big investment for someone who just wants to clean their personal jewelry


I wanna get my girlfriend an engagement ring but I need some help?

Well what does she like? Does she like the big ostentatious ring or the small simple one? Does she want a diamond ring or a stone one and if so which color?

How Is the Best Way to Clean My Diamond Ring? 2


How to wear a diamond ring without looking married?

Wear it on your right hand middle finger then


Is it bad luck to wear a diamond ring if your not married?

No. I always wore one and on my ring finger


My ex-husband gave my daughter a diamond ring!!?

A titanium diamond ring for a little 6 year old is inappropriate no matter how much she wants to wear it. As a mom you have a responsibility to teach your daughter the value of material things. A 6 year old cannot grasp that concept. All she knows is that it is pretty. You also have to consider what effect this has on her friends when they see her wearing something like this and their parents can not afford it. This is not about the father having the "right" to get his daughter whatever he wants to get her and that if the daughter loses it he will just replace it because money is no object. That is not teaching values, that is teaching irresponsibility. He also does not understand that schools have policies in place that prohibit students from bringing expensive valuables to school should they get stolen or compromise the child's safety. She is going to a school where there are 11 and 12 year old pupils attending who are capable of recognizing expensive items. This could put her in a potentially dangerous situation. I would not allow my son to wear a Rolex to school nor carry with him large sums of money just because he wants to. You have 2 options here. Allowing your daughter to wear this diamond ring ( to show if off likely) at school is not one of those options. * return the ring back to the father and ask him to purchase something more appropriate for a 6 year old little girl. Tell him what you are trying to teach your daughter. * allow her to wear the ring but only around home under your supervision. In my opinion your ex is trying to get at you by using the daughter. He is trying to buy her love and affection. By doing this it makes you the bad one. No responsible father would buy his little 6 year old daughter a diamond ring. He buys them Barbies or doll houses for goodness sake. The reality is that what goes on in his place is his business and what goes on in your home is your business. The next time she throws a temper tantrum and will not listen to reason then the ring goes into the drawer until she smartens up. Just remember that you are the adult. * Just a little more advice. If your ex is the biological father of the child I would stop referring to the daughter as "my" daughter. It is "our" daughter. He is as much the parent of the child as you are. I understand that the circumstances in which you and your husband split were not good but as long as you continue thinking in terms of "my daughter" you run the risk of putting your daughter in the middle of an already tense situation. Your daughter does not need to be a ping pong ball. Good luck.


on millsberry were can i get a diamond ring?

No store sells it. I really want one too, but do not know where they got it. Come check out my yard sale at megs1033 for other good deals


Will my gold/diamond ring be safe in the shower?

Congrats on you two. I see no problem wearing it in the shower of bath. Just be careful, it might slip off. When you get out make sure you dry it. If it is fake metal( might not be) it will tarnish and get rusty so make sure that it is real!!!!

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