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I Found a Diamond Ring and Not Sure If Its Real?

i found a diamond ring and not sure if its real?

I Found a Diamond Ring and Not Sure If Its Real? 1

If it can cut glass then it's probably a diamond. hold it up in the dark and if it glows blue its a diamond with a certain impurity. if it cuts glass, take it to a jewellers to find out.


Should a diamond ring be returned if it was given as a birthday gift with no proposal made?

Keep it as a restitution for having wasted your time on him. He gave you the ring as a b would ay gift. He can not ask for a gift to be returned once he gave it away. If he does he's called an "Indian giver".......asking for a gift to be returned. He has no legal right to it now. It is legally yours

I Found a Diamond Ring and Not Sure If Its Real? 2


Why?? Why?? WHY??

I make my own kinda sexy. i dont need to fit into that garbage. and even if i was bi, i wouldnt show it off like a diamond ring


What do you plan on doing with the lump of coal

I am gonna make a diamond ring out of it!


Have a diamond ring I want to donate somewhere.?

miss. if you donate ring to salvation army etc. it would not make the showcase. same with other thrift type charities. this is from experience. the best site would be the special olympics, you will receive a very accurate receipt for true value of the ring, this will go to a true charity. will be put up for auction tremendous price. very kind of you.


is it wrong that i want a CZ ring instead of a Diamond ring for now?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a CZ ring. What the ring is made out of is not the important thing. What is important is what it represents. I think that all too often people get caught up in how much the ring cost and how many karats it is. These people probably just want what they consider to be the best of everything for you. You should just politely tell them that you are very happy with your beautiful ring and that you will eventually trade it for a fancier one. You do not need to explain any more than that. The important part is that you are in love with the man of your dreams. That's all that matters, and that's all that people need to know.


Does this diamond ring look real?

Kind of. The ring is really pretty though even if it does not look completely real


Is it bad luck to wear a diamond ring if your not married?

nope just a fashion statement


Where can I get a cheap diamond ring?

walmart, overstock, or you can try checking out the clearance counter of any jewelry store


How to wear a diamond ring without looking married?

Get a simple gold chain and wear it around your neck =] My daddy gave me one of his rings and I can not wear it (too big) so I wear it around my neck :p


Need to restore a Diamond Ring. Help?

ok get just the stone polished and i am sure it will cost you some money but not too musch it will take maybe 1-3 days max. get it done a jeweler


Where can i get Diamond ring in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

im not familiar with Riyadh jewelry shops. but in all the major Saudi towns. there are reputable jewelers where you can find good diamond rings. Ask someone intown where they are located. . Probably also there are good jewelry outlets in all the major shopping malls also


What's a good homemade diamond ring cleaner?

A teaspoon of ammonia to a cup of warm, sudsy water. Soak for ten minutes to 1/2 hour; and scrub gently with a soft brush or old toothbrush. Rinse well. This does NOT work with pearl jewelery , so make sure it is diamonds you wish to clean.


how do you clean lime scale off a diamond ring?

Hi, Normal solutions for removing limescale can be used but care must be taken with any porous gem stones as you could damage them. Diamonds are safe though. A toothbrush can be used to get to the hard to get places under the ring. Giving your jewellery to a Jeweller to re-polish will get you the best results as they will also remove the scratches this way and renovate any dull areas. See our helpful article below. Thanks, Gary

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