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Ladies:Valentines Day Survey... Pick Your Poison?

Ladies:Valentines Day survey... Pick your poison?

Ladies:Valentines Day Survey... Pick Your Poison? 1

no woman hates a diamond ring -it can always be reset and its from the guy she loves c'mon now no competition 3 wins hands down(no pun intended)


How is the best way to clean my diamond ring?

Warm, soapy water and a toothbrush. This is the same thing big jewelers like Tiffany's use. They also use a steam machine in addition but that can be a big investment for someone who just wants to clean their personal jewelry

Ladies:Valentines Day Survey... Pick Your Poison? 2


a south sea pearl set or a diamond ring?....which is better?

For economy, the pearl.most people, however, will want the diamond because of the sparkle. A diamond is also USUALLY worth more


how to clean a diamond ring?

the best thing is toothpaste and a toothbrush. Your diamond will sparkle like new!


what's a tasteful size for an engagement diamond ring?

1 Carat but it's more important to go for color and clarity. I know I would rather a 1 carat D, IF diamond than a 3 carat J, SI diamond


The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Epic Diamond Ring Stack

Have #ringstack envy? We've called in our expert stylists to help you create an epic diamond ring stack in four easy steps. While the perfect diamond ring stack may come across as effortlessly glittery, jewelry insiders know that adhering to some basic guidelines can mean the difference between forgettable and epic. Whether you love unabashed glamour in the form of big gold diamond rings, cool-girl edginess by way of black and white enamel and diamonds or prefer that bit of romance that rose gold delivers, following the steps below will ensure your ring stack hits all the right notes. Start off your diamond ring stack with a large playful diamond statement ring. We love the mix of whimsical mismatched diamond shapes from Jemma Wynne. Stylists note: Start your stack with your diamond engagement ring for a fun look with meaning. Experiment with the size and shape of the rings themselves within the stack on the finger. And do not be afraid of a strong pinky ring stack-dynamically shaped diamond rings work wonders here, too. Try mixing a chic knife-edge diamond pinky ring from Harwell Godfrey with an oval diamond star signet ring from Foundrae. (Ai not that right!) Mix and match your diamond sizes, from pav to larger set stones. Layer on two diamond eternity bands for some serious pointer finger bling. We covet these luxe eternity bands from Briony Raymond. Matching similarly scaled rings together can create the illusion of one large ring on your finger. Case in point: a few skinny diamond bands all layered together, or a slim diamond band from Melissa Kaye stacked with a cage style band ring from Messika. Needless to say, we are all for layering up both hands for a maximalist look! So what are you waiting for? Grab your diamond rings, ladies and gents, and let's get stacking. Yellow gold and diamonds: an iconic pair that will never go out of style. We love mixing our diamond sizes, from larger cut stones to bezel set to pav, in playful proportions. Do not be shy to layer on multiple rings for a light-catching look. This stack is major, thanks to its scale play and strength from mixing larger sized rings and diamonds together. Here, the combination of circular motifs and angles has a killer geometric effect. You will need shades for this stack, which shows off the blingest white gold and diamond rings for an icy look. Emulate it by playfully layering large statement rings, wide band-rings and skinny wrap rings of all sizes. Have some fun with scale and diamond sizes, cuts and settings for a textured effect. LOOK 4: DIAMONDS WITH AN EDGE For your elegant side, rose gold is a romantic's go-to choice. Layered together, the delicate mix of rose gold and pav diamond stacking rings creates a dreamy look.



Ok get a wrench and take out all the pipes and look. it should be in the lowest part of the pipes and if you dont find it call your plumber and he will most likely find it


Ladies, diamond ring means engaged, right?

I have a diamond, three stone, platinum, engagement ring . and a solid platinum wedding band with claddagh etching I am allergic to gold so . And incredibly picky

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Ladies:Valentines Day survey... Pick your poison?no woman hates a diamond ring -it can always be reset and its from the guy she loves c'mon now no competition 3 wins...
How is the best way to clean my diamond ring?Warm, soapy water and a toothbrush. This is the same thing big jewelers like Tiffany's use. They also use a steam machin...
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