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How Much Should I Spend on a Ring?

Well, when I got engaged 23 years ago, I spent maybe two weeks or three weeks salary-I was doing fairly well at the time and was looking more at quality than size of the stone or price-and I got a nice ring that was about a carat in total diamond weight with the main stone around...oh geez, I do not remember that now either, I am pretty sure it was about 2/3rds of a carat. For some reason $3,500 sticks in my mind...I have no clue how that would relate to what rings cost today or what people make who have good jobs. It was really nicely proportioned, and today still looks very elegant without being gaudy or too...overblown, you know, you see some rings with these great big stones and they look kinda tacky. You know the look-you wonder if it's a real diamond or cubic zirconium. And although the face of the stone was smaller than some other stones that were cut more shallowly, it really sparkles nice and looks like a real quality piece of jewelry. I remember that a 2/3rds carat stone with a total weight of 1 carat in diamonds on the ring was considered larger than average at the time, I do not know if would be considered average today or not, but when my wife is sitting around a table in a group of married women, her ring is still an eye catcher all these years later. So my advice would be to see what you can get in a quality stone and set in an amount you feel comfortable with, then if you feel like you need to spend a little more to get something a little nicer, do it but do not feel like you have to overdo it. Good luck and do not propose at half time at the Super Bowl or anything, I've seen videos.

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1. How do you get a Lava Crystal and/or Wisdom of the Elders in Star Wars Galaxies?

A lava crystal is made from the Chu-Gon Dar cube using a Warmly Glowing Engine Component a Warmly Glowing Skull a Warmly Glowing Artifact. All of these items are looted from various bosses on Mustafar, and are extremely rare drops. I am not sure what you mean by Wisdom of the Elders. I am an Elder Jedi on Chilastra and I have never heard of that. There are a couple of Elder buffs, the Gift of the Light Side or the Gift of the Dark Side, which an elder Jedi gets when they put on their Elder Robes. There is also the Elder Buff (Favor of the Elders) which only Elder players (pre-NGE Veterans) have. The Elder player can then give the buff to anyone in the same group they are in. Second answer: The only player who can get Elder robes are players who were in the game prior to Nov 15, 2005. That was the day that the NGE came out. The Chu-Gon Dar cube is the reward from a quest on Mustafar. When you are fighting creatures and NPCs on Mustafar, sometimes they drop "glowing" items. The items can be used in combinations to make schematics, weapons, jewelry, etc. Go to SWG-Wiki.com and look up the Symbols of the Chu-Gon Dar Quest. You should also find lists of the glowing items, and what can be made from the cube. Basically, you take three "glowies" and put them in the cube. Then from the radial menu, you select Activate and the item is created. So, if you are making a Lava Crystal, you would place the three items from above in the cube, activate it, and recieve the crystal in your inventory. It would then have to be tuned by the Jedi and can be placed in their light saber.

2. I need help making a living!?

You could look into handmade things such as jewelry, bags, clothing, crochet and knitted baby clothes, handmade cards with pressed flowers, and so on. You could also check with the local Red Cross to get certified in CPR and such to help get babysitting jobs as well as checking out an infant care class at a local hospitals maternity ward. You could look into tutoring other kids, even if you are not great at any subject but you are good and can explain it so younger kids understand and retain it . You could also talk to people in your family and neighborhood and see if any of them know of anything that you have not thought of yet

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3. How can I stop my belly bar from falling out? The hole of my piercing has become larger than it should be and the bar keeps slipping through and falling onto the floor.

It sounds like you need to get a thicker bar for the piercing. If a bar is too thin and the skin tight enough, the skin will slowly eject the piercing. A lot of people call this "the cheese grater effect. "Buy new jewelry that has a thicker gauge than your current jewelry. Since this is also a belly ring, I would suggest getting a flexible bar to help reduce the pressure as well.These are recommended for pregnant ladies and have a good rating: The Jewelry Archivist Maternity Flexible Belly Button Ring Bar Retainer, 14G, 1" Amazon. com: The Jewelry Archivist Maternity Flexible Belly Button Ring Bar Retainer, 14G, 1": Jewelry

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