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Trading Valuable Resources

In the olden days you have two ways of getting rich from trade.Bulk staples such as grain, ingots, wool etc,. and luxury items, jewelry, weapons, fabrics. Luxury items are best for small outfits, low volume, high profit. A luxury item can be anything that is not readily available in the home country and expensive. Assuming you are a small trader these are what you want to deal in if possible in order to really make profits. But they entail either high risk transporting or high initial outlay purchasing them for the same reason. For a robber gang they are expensive and portable, a shipload of grain is harder to hide, sell etc,. and would need a bigger robber band.The pros of staples are you are not taking as much of a risk, they are staples, you will have buyers for the goods, they can be split into smaller portions and sold easily. The cons are you need to move them in bulk which takes quite an infrastructure to accomplish.Intermediary traders would probably do a mixture, buy staples and speculate on luxury items. Thereby guarantee a profit from the staples for their hazardous journey, with the potential of making a lot more through sale of luxury items which take up much less room.

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1. What to wear in NYC?

here's a few things about NYC: A lot of ppl there where black, its professional and simple, yet chic. SoHo is short for South Houston, get it? so for south, ho for houston. And no boho has nothing to do with it. SoHo is an expensive loft apartment area with hip younger ppl, so when there you will want to wear the newest trends, and something a bit pricey (like a marc jacobs bag, etc.) 5th avenue and saks are big bucks, no one will even say hello in the store if your wearing jeans and t-shirt, where the most expensive day wear (a dress preferably) with any labels you have including, but not limited to: sunglasses, bags, shoes, and jewelry. Although it should be suggested to not go overload, do not wear more than three labels that show the label. Also if you want to be recognized more in the stores, buy something there! you could buy something relatively cheap at saks,(better if it has to be put in a big bag) and it will look like you there to shop so more ppl in the stores will pay attention to you. You could also buy something at tiffany's and no matter how small the bag ppl will notice (you could buy a wine glass for about $25, so i think you could buy a pair and give them to your parents, or someone having a special occasion, they will be impressed) have your hair blown out, straightened, or wavy (i suggest no tight curls, it does not always look sexy/chic) do not have your hair in a ponytail! its too common folk. The dress you have a link for is okay, but its not night ware, just so you kno. Also the wind can be a bit strong at times, and can create that marilyn monroe affect (from the seven yr itch, you kno? the white dress scene, youtube it) When you walk, be confident, and sort of egocentric, it gives off this air of importance and "i am too gorgeus for you". But try not to be an *** to people, only act this way when walking and sitting. Sit up straight, stand up straight. Always have your sunglasses with you. P.S. do not wear one of those I love NYC t-shirts, there are okay when your home, but not when in NYC. if your lost, get in a cab! do not look at a map, so touristy. And if you want a nice place to eat go to Tom's Restrauant at 112th and Broadway on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Its the famous Monk's diner from seinfeld. if you want to find these type of cinema, tv things that are interesting, buy a book of traveling to NYC, you can find nice restrauants and vintage stores to go to also (vintage is a popular thing in NYC, so do not be afraid to go to a used clothing store) and yes it gets hot in NYC in the summer, especially august/july , so make sure you are hydrated, plus sometimes the smog is bad so it can be a bad combination. have fun!

2. What are some tips to become a gunsmith?

A huge part of Gunsmithing is applied machining, applied woodworking, applied welding, and applied "miscellaneous" metalworking.Take a machining course. One that covers manual machine tools first. CNC is useful if you plan on making runs of parts, but 99. 5% of typical firearms repair, you're doing custom setups to repair a SINGLE firearm, or single part.Take a metallurgy course. There's too much bullshit out there - don't add to it. There's no such thing as "billet aluminum"... that just means "a big piece of aluminum". Take a woodworking class. Learn particularly how to finely finish wood.Learn a little blacksmithing. How to shape and make parts, and how to heat treat springs and parts.While you're doing all this: buy books. Lots and lots of books. Every old gun book you can find. Fully expect 90% of them to be out of date with modern technology, but old diagrams and exploded views are invaluable. Pre WWII gunsmithing books are particularly interesting for the sections on toolmaking - even if many of those tools are outdated, you'll learn how to make, heat-treat, and finish, parts that modern books would expect you to buy.Buy reloading manuals and learn cartridges. The more you know, well, the more you know!Make friends with a couple local gun shops. Have the keep a look out for old "junker" guns for you to brutally victimize to learn to disassemble, clean, refinish, and customize them. Learn how to refinish an old .22... not because it's cost effective, but because it's practice. Refinish the stock. Cut and crown the barrel. Turn that $50 old . 22 rifle into a $60 old . 22. Buy an old Mauser rifle that's beat to hell, and sporterize it. You'll never make a dime doing that (unlike what hundreds of old gun magazine and book articles say... it was a very different time then), but you'll learn how. Buy a couple old badly sporterized Mausers, Springfields, and Enfields, and the like, and rebuild them. Buy a good lathe! If you want to be a gunsmith, you'll need to learn how to fit barrels, and there's no way to do that properly without a lathe. Get one with thread cutting gears, and a quick-change gearbox. If you don't know what that means, take that machining course before you buy! This will be a very large expense, but will last you (and your children) a lifetime with proper care. While you're buying up old gun books, and scouring pawn shops for tools, grab some used books on jewelry making, as well. Some of the "fine work", and skills like silver brazing and soft soldering are used in jewelry making, and you can learn a lot about using a file by looking at jewelry making.The best way to learn Gunsmithing is to find a two year or four year program, and take every class they offer... but, you can do a LOT of self-learning before, during, and after, you take those courses. What are some tips to become a gunsmith?.

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3. What are some unique bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts?

ladies: jewelry to wear for the wedding guys: tix to a sporting event

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