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Wearing Religious Jewelry Or Other Symbols?

I wear my Mjollnir all the time...no-one cares and why should they. I do not particularly care what anyone else wears either except in situations where health and safety make it dangerous.

Wearing Religious Jewelry Or Other Symbols? 1

1. Selling handcrafted jewelry question?

Maybe a balanced combination of both would work the best. When I first found Etsy, I thought I struck gold. Granted, I do not make or sell anything (yet) but there's so much stuff of Etsy to look at and inspire me. To get your name and your creations out there, obviously the best thing to do is to advertise it everywhere. Whether you are on your own personal site, or Etsy, I doubt it will make much of a difference. I suggest both actually (more exposure), or just Etsy since you have not been selling your jewelry for a long time, simply because Etsy is more well known, and people will find you and your stuff whether they are looking for it or not. Things to do that would make you/your site more known: - Hand out business cards with your site/phone number etc., ask if you can put a few on the counters of stores that you think people interested in your jewelry will go to. (coffee shops, galleries, dry cleaners, etc.) - MAKE BANNERS! Not actual, hanging in the street banners, but basically little links that advertise your online store. You can ask friends to put them at the bottom of their websites, if your kids have myspaces (if you have kids), they can put them there too. Like anything in advertising, the more eye-catching it is, the more eyes will follow the link through. I do not really know a lot about what 'people' do, but I personally love shopping online, especially in places like Etsy, where you find things (such as your jewelry) that you just wo not find at a store. Haha, I just saw, I've got a ring on that a friend got me for my birthday from Etsy, that I have not taken off in 3 months, I love it so much. If you have any questions about the banners, making links, etc., my AIM screenname is fake snow can. (:

2. What is the best way to store jewelry?

Try getting a "Jewlery Box" they do come in hand when you have many jewlery!

Wearing Religious Jewelry Or Other Symbols? 2

3. Do you wear much jewelry?

I think jewelry is the best... i just love it soo much specially earings!!... but i dont wear all of them at the same time... or too much is just not comforable walking with so much and soometimes its kind of heavy... so just like one ring... and nice earing thats pretty much alrite and like a small necklace it always looks pretty... :) Have a good day!!

4. Is it better for me to pawn my jewelry at a pawn shop or sell it to a jewelry store?

Depends... If you are in a bind for some quick cash then the pawn shop would be the way to go. They give you a ticket and hold your items for 90 days. This way, you would have enough time to resolve any money issues you may be experiencing and buy back your jewelry at the original price plus a little interest. However, if you just want to get rid of it becuase you no longer want it and will never wear it again, then sell it to a jewelry store or on Ebay. The jewelry store would pay more, but you would never see your jewelry again. They piece off the jewelry and make other items out of it, etc. The pawn shops are in business to make money off of your items, so they will give you the least amount possible.

5. Naval Piercing Jewelry Missing!?

Something of the sort happened to me when I had mine done. The next day, I was able to put a belly ring back in, but because the curved barbell is gauged, it began to shrink a little and it may be a pinch to put back through. If it seems as if it's not going to go back in, do not force it and do not try to re-pierce it. You will just have to go back to your piercer.

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