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What's on Your School Shopping List This Year? 10 Points to You!? :) ? HELP. ?

i got some jeans,and lots of jewelry (i like to mix-&-match with different outfits), i also got lots of t-shirts:)

What's on Your School Shopping List This Year? 10 Points to You!? :) ? HELP. ? 1

1. HURRY! Making polyvore outfits for the first 5-10 people!!!?

1.) 13 2.) Female 3.) Pretty much anything except goth, emo, and stuff like that 4.) American Eagle, Limited Too, Aeropostale 5.) Pink! But almost anything for clothes. I like variety 6.) Clogs, flip flops, flats, tennis shoes 7.) Anything that matches the outfit 8.) Anything, but I like hearts and polka dots especially 9.) Does not really matter. I am kinda flat (if you know what I I mean. Lol) 10.) Spring 11.) Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, purses. And for jewelry I like both depending on the outfit, but if both match, probably silver. 12.) Anything 13.) This outfit is gonna be for school, so it does not have to be too dressy or anything. Thanks! And tell me if I was not specific enough for some of the questions. :) EDIT: Ooh, I like mine! Thanks! :)

2. How to Make a Jewelry Website: 6 Ideas to Implement

Associations most people have when it comes to jewelry are elegance, style, and chic. Are you planning to launch a jewelry website? Then these associations are exactly what you need to take into consideration. Sounds easy, but how to do it? How to make a jewelry website that is both stylish and functional? Well, there are a few ideas that you may implement today. These ideas will work for you if you are about to launch your own jewelry website or want to rebrand the already existing project. We would like to emphasize that some of the ideas may suit also websites that represent the handmade jewelry industry.

What's on Your School Shopping List This Year? 10 Points to You!? :) ? HELP. ? 2

In this case, however, you would probably need to create a website centered on the different concepts. These could be of creativity, freedom, and self-expression. In this article, we will also showcase you some jewelry website templates that could become your best solution if you want to make a jewelry website that lures visitors. Idea 1. Invest Either in Celebrities or Professional Photographers It is a well-established fact that people subconsciously connect celebrities with the jewelry industry. Should one mention a number of jewelry pieces per capita at the annual Oscar ceremony? That is right - there is no better advertising for your products than a celebrity wearing them.

Can you afford the international star smiling at your website's visitors from your homepage? Lucky you! If not, then opt for the professional photos of the best quality you can afford. Your homepage images are what should make your prospective clients stay on your website. So, be ready to invest in the catchy homepage with glamorous touch! More than a half of people who are looking for jewelry online fall into two categories. The first one consists of individuals who are not satisfied with the choice available at their local jewelry shops. These shoppers are sophisticated, picky, and very demanding.

The latter represents people for whom a jewelry website is the last resort. On your website, they hope to quickly find a present for a very important occasion. These people tend to make orders fast and be very impatient when it comes to delivery. How can you tackle the needs of the people mentioned above? Use the subscription forms intensively. These forms will help you inform your clientele about discounts and new products you offer.

And most importantly - you can always use subscription as a gentle reminder about the sales for holidays like Christmas and St. Valentine's Day. With MotoCMS, it is very easy to add a subscription form to any page of your website. Just go to the widgets list and find the MailChimp widget. This is a powerful tool that designs, sends, and sorts your emails. Idea 3. Remind Your Clients About Events with Countdown Widget Another way to minimize the holiday rush is to implement a holiday countdown widget. There are a few free elegant widgets you can find online. Or you can simply use the Countdown Timer widget in the admin panel from MotoCMS. To add it to your website, you need to simply drag and drop it from the Widget's list.

You can customize this widget very quickly thanks to the tab on the right that includes Settings and Design options. Idea 4. Jewelry Looks Better if Presented from Different Angles Jewelry is created to be seen. That is why visuality is a key factor when it comes to jewelry presentation. Here we can come across two opposing tendencies. The first one says that jewelry stands for tradition and elegance - the traditional presentation like the one you see a jewelry piece in the black or white background.

The latter is aimed at making jewelry more approachable. The main idea of this tendency is to get a bit more creative and innovative image with photos of your jewelry. For example, you can take photos of jewelry on the flower petals, on the rocks etc. Either way, in order to present your products effectively, you need to have access to different photo galleries. This is what you find in MotoCMS jewelry templates. If you run a jewelry manufacturing business, then presumably you already have a logo.

When it comes to a website, you need to know that placing a logo is a very important factor. The web design researchers claim that visitors pay most of their attention to the left side of a website. It is also believed that most online shoppers would expect that a logo can navigate them back to the homepage. That is why placing your logo in the left corner of your navigation menu is a win-win situation. However, this top-left placement may sometimes be perceived as old-fashioned.

So, if you want to add a fresh note to your website design, think of placing your logo in the middle of your website. This way you can still get your visitors to remember your brand and make your logo functional. A favicon is an icon that what your visitors associate with your website. They can see this icon in the address bar of a browser. Why do favicons matter? The answer is simple - they belong to attention-grabbers. Their main goal is to make your prospective visitors remember your website and stay on it a bit longer.

With MotoCMS admin panel, you can change your favicon in several clicks in General Settings. Upload your icon to the Media Library, save the changes and that's it! How can one develop a favicon? The most obvious solution is to use your logo or its optimized version. Of course, you can also develop a favicon that is completely different from your logo. For example, if your logo is a symbolic representation of your business, in a favicon you can use the initial letters of your brand. Or vice versa. The main idea to keep in mind is not to mislead your clients.

So, choose logos and favicons wisely! Try to Make a Jewelry Website Yourself We hope that the ideas mentioned above will be of help to you. So, make a jewelry website that will bring more elegance to this world! Remember that MotoCMS offers a free trial version for each of website templates and a built-in admin panel. Test the MotoCMS website builder at no charge by customizing your web theme and purchase your pre-built website only if you like the outcome.

3. i need a new syle for school?

u can wear skinny jeans dressy shirts and lots of jewelry with maybe short heels

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