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What's Your Oldest Piece of Jewelry?

I have a golden sovereign which mt father gave to me ,it is dated 1835. It is mounted on a golden chain,my wife used to wear it

What's Your Oldest Piece of Jewelry? 1

1. How can i store jewelry (jewellery)???!!?

i hang mine on a nail in the wall

2. Poll: Are you wearing any jewelry on right now?

yes - my hs grad ring that my folks bought me - I am 29. It is very important to me

What's Your Oldest Piece of Jewelry? 2

3. What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?

My necklace with a big elephant on it

4. Mother-in-law asking for jewelry back?

Tell her to go home and leave you alone. You do not have to take crap from people because they are family. The stress is not good for you or for your baby. You do not say if you changed your date or name for the baby but you cannot give in to her demands. That jewelry is yours. It is up to you if you wear it or not. When she is doing these things you need to call her out and not back down. She will bully you if she thinks that she can

5. Naming a Business - Hand Crafted Jewelry?

you could go with "hand to hand jewelry" or "from mine to yours"

6. Is it safe to wear jewelry while snorkeling in the ocean?

No- too much chance of losing them. Times have changed, but in the old days a woman would never wear diamond jewelry (except an engagement ring) out in the countryside or on a casual occasion like going to the beach.

7. How can I clean my jewelry at home?

vinegar is a natural degreaser..... soak in vinegar, then rinse...sparkle is dazzling. Be Blessed!

8. Ladies only: Why is receiving jewelry so significant to a girl?

Not only to a girl, if a man recieves a big diamond ring, of course he's gonna be happy

9. What jewelry are you wearing right now?

I have bamboo heart earrings with my son's name in them and my engagement ring!

10. What jewelry would look good with my dress?

i think you should wear silver/diamond earrings similar to the picture. thats all you would need i would not wear a necklace because it will look good with a bare neck


Now please understand this demonic spirits can be attracted to any object that you wear or is carrying or even a lamp in your home.... And many people have been followed home by demons for a multitude of reasons. And you may think that you are being haunted when in reality it is the ring that you are wearing that is what is really being haunted.

12. Which jewelry type is better for everyday use?

Sterling silver is good. I have had a pendant made from it for twelve years. Plus it has a space in my heart since my name is Silver! Never had to clean my pendant, but if I were you I would take it off when in water! Hope I helped - Silver

13. Is Swarovski Crystal a good store to buy jewelry from?

Swarovski crystal is incredibly well known and virtually unsurpassed in their quality. Swarovski is to crystal what Tiffany would be to fine jewelry. They are up there, but not so expensive that nobody can afford it. Their excellent cutting and polishing techniques set them apart from other glass and crystal jewelry brands.


Well - if you count a watch as jewelry, it would be my grandfather's silver pocket watch, a big, heavy, elegant watch with Roman numerals. It dates to the nineteenth century

15. What kind of jewelry are you wearing right now??

just my wedding ring and a necklace from my hubby

16. What kind of body jewelry would show someone that they are bi?

any piercing on a guy is borderline homosexual

17. What type of jewelry are you wearing right this minute?

does a Timex watch count because that's what I am wearing or porcelain crowns on my teeth

18. any good quality diamond jewelry store in melboune?

Jewelers and diamond sellers have a stake in selling high priced engagement rings, but the shopper, not the seller, must live with either overspending or a payment plan. Be cautious about overspending, but hesitate if a ring's price seems too low for its apparent value; this could suggest that a man will not receive what he believes he is purchasing. If the ring appears undervalued, carefully scrutinize its full description.

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