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Where Can I Find Disney Themed Dresses Or Skirts?

After Halloween, I found a FROZEN outfit, I bought it for $6.99, now I can make them into hair accessories & jewelry. Goodwill, they have some still leftover from October. and re-sell them on eBay? My niece's ex-husband quit his job as a tattoo artist, to make a living selling eBay stuff.

Where Can I Find Disney Themed Dresses Or Skirts? 1

1. Question about getting a purity ring!??!?

you should definitely get one!! and just show it to your parents and explain why you want to get it, they will be thrilled. =] to find out your ring size, go to a jewelry store or somewhere where they sell jewelry and tell them that you do not know your ring size and they will help you.

2. how to gauge my ears with something other than tapers?

While it's recommended to use tapers, you can stretch your ears with single-flare jewelry if you do not want to waste your money on tapers. I actually only used tapers for 00g and 7/16".. the rest of my stretches were done with jewelry (I am at 1/2" now). Just buy jewelry in the gauge one size larger than what your hole currently is and try that. Use lube to make it easier; if it hurts too bad to do the stretch, do NOT force it. That never ends well. Good luck!

Where Can I Find Disney Themed Dresses Or Skirts? 2

3. How can I take a nice picture of a piece of jewelry from my webcam?

First make sure your camera has at least 3 megapixels to take pics of jewelry, then make sure the background is not something distracting, solid color like black or white is usually the best

4. What are typical souviners to get in the Dominican Republic?

Cafe Santo Domingo ( Coffee) very good!! Rum ( Barcelo or Brugal) Mamajuana ( herbs, red wine, rum and some honey) Amber and Larimar jewelry 58 Cincocho the best Dominican cigars ( Puerto Plata) Happy to help you Happy Feet

5. What should i wear with these shoes?

Those are cute! They would probably look best with khaki capris since they are jean matereal. Add a tank top or a cute blouse and you will look awesome! dont forget to add jewelry and a great purse =)

6. i want to do a tiffany blue room?

If I were you I would not go overboard on the animal print. You never know when you will be sick of it, so I recommend doing it in nonpermanent items, like do not do it on the comforter because thats expensive, but maybe wall art (depending on how expensive it is) or you could add a few throw pillows and maybe a lamp. With the Tiffany Blue I think a nice white fluffy comforter, white furniture, and a lot of mirrors would look fantastic(: If your making it Tiffany themed and you have tiffany jewelry, try taking picture of it from cool angles etc and blowing it up into cool artwork (you could also google image Tiffany jewelry and find pictures of it you like) and walahh! cool wall art thats not that expensive! I hope I was helpful(:.

7. teen packing for a cruise? help!?

I was 17 when I went last year...i wish i would have asked this question! I did not bring the things i wish i would have haha. But ok let me try and help you out... -At least 2 fancy outfits for the dress up dinners (i thought there was only one on our boat but there actually was 2!) (i only brought my regular purse and it was usless.....you should bring like a big shoulder bag bc you will be carrying alot of stuff) -sun block/sun tan lotion -cute hats! -flip flops for the day -bring a few shoes so you have an option for your night outfits (its best to plan out your outfits before you leave for each night) -accessories such as jewelry -camera/charger -razors (although on our boat they already many had new ones for us in the bathrooms & they also had shampoo/conditioner) -hair straightener/curler if you use those (but if you have the money i would just go to the salon on the boat) -gym shoes just in case u wanna work out -a comb/brush (i forgot mine and had to buy) -hair ties umm ok i think thats it haha....if you have any questions just email me! i would be happy to answer them since were about the same age lol

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