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Where Would You Shop for Jewelry?

at for love 21 r at claries but if you do it big like me you would do zalez

Where Would You Shop for Jewelry? 1

1. What do you think of turquoise jewelry?

i like it turquoise is a pretty color

2. i need shoes & jewelry to match this dress ! ?

YA thats so cute!!! Maybe silver heals and dangling earings and a bangle that would be so hot

Where Would You Shop for Jewelry? 2

3. What's the best way to clean white gold jewelry?

Gold does not tarnish. Apply a little dish detergent and rinse throughly, or put it in a little dish and cover with hydrogen peroxide. Rinse thoroghly when it stops fizzing. Grandpa

4. I need help send a piece of mail that has a letter a a piece of jewelry?

Go the post office directly and get it weighed. If you put too little it will come back. It takes a few minutes to use the machine in the lobby, or just go in and have the clerk set it up for you

5. Where can I go to get my jewelry renderings casted into metal/plastic?

Sounds like you have a great jewelry business going on. I agree that you should start to render your work on the computer instead of by hand, because then you can use that file to 3D print your work. This is where you can get your renderings cast into metal (or plastic): by 3D printing them in any material you need (gold, brass, silver, bronze, etc.). You can even move beyond using 3D printing for only samples and instead use it for all of your creations, manufacturing and selling them straight from the 3D printer! There is no quicker and more efficient way, and you do not even have to have any technical skills whatsoever in this area. and you can have 3D printing experts handmake your jewelry for you. They will 3D print your designs and can even deliver them straight to the consumer. Good luck!

6. What shoes and jewelry would look good with this dress?

the dress sounds classy and cute but hip . i would wear black shoes, because nothing else would really match, go normal on the makeup, do't go with a dark blus becasue it would make you look like a clown when contrasting against the black. for some color wear a really pretty sequin clip in your hair that matches the sequins on the dress, but pulls in some other colors.

7. I have my noes pierced twice.. an upper one and lower one. I am having problem finding jewelry that doesn't

okay, so you MUTILATED YOUR FACE because hey, everyone ELSE was doing that, right? So you wanted to be JUST LIKE THEM! You could not think for yourself, you do not have your OWN personality, you are just another faceless nobody who's idea of being cool is to do what the other morons are doing. Have I got it right so far?

8. Question for people who wear nice jewelry (more so rings)?

With some gems its okay to keep them on all the time , things like Sapphires and , rubies and diamonds, gold bands with no gems in them are fine too. I take mine off regardless. I have very small fingers and rings do not fit me snugly ( 4 1/2 and they still can slip off! ). Also I do not want soap in the crevices, or dulling the gold, by the build up. doing that, you just have to be careful that the ring does not slip off the sink , and down the drain.

9. Survey-To you have any jewelry that you wear all the time?

My wedding ring and tennis bracelet. Both are too expensive to loose so I figured they are safest on me. Someone will have to chop off my hand to get them

10. How do you wrap your jewelry gifts?

go to shops and get the gift wrappers to wrap it for you if none get a box or something

11. I want to wear women's jewelry?

No, but who is really normal these days?

12. My mother died on 7/4/11;dad is moving another woman in. How do I ask for mom's jewelry w/out him getn upset?

no easy way say it to him tell him how you feel and say you want to keep it safe

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