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925 Sterling Silver Rings Production Process-Wax Mold

How to finish the wax mold of 925 sterling silver rings?

1. Concept and design: we will sketch our ideas by designer hand, and then use drafting software to draw the sketches with accurate size on the computer to complete the initial design drawings.

925 Sterling Silver Rings Production Process-Wax Mold 1

2. Craftsman carving wax: craftsman according to the design drawings to carve wax mold by hand, and then use the method of wax casting to pour out the silver mold, and the batch production of wax mold which is require to use the silver mold to suppress rubber mold.  This is the most important process during the jewelry making process. The silver mold must be smooth and without any spot. The structure of each part is reasonable, and the position and size of the gemstones need to be very accurate.  

925 Sterling Silver Rings Production Process-Wax Mold 2


3. Wax injection into the rubber mold: wax injection operation is carried out after the rubber mold is opened. The wax in the wax injection machine should be kept between 70-75 degrees, and the wax liquid is injected into the rubber mold, and take it after cooling, and repeated it many times to get more wax molds.  

925 Sterling Silver Rings Production Process-Wax Mold 3

4. Match the stone: according to the silver mold and wax mold, sterling silver rings with stones ,select the zircons or crystal in the matching size and shape.

5.Finally complete wax: so the wax mold is finish.

925 Sterling Silver Rings Production Process-Wax Mold 4

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